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Xantic Satellite Communication Services - When communication really matters

Xantic Satellite Communications provides mobile high speed data, Internet, email, fax and voice communications. Xantic is one of the leading satellite communication providers in the world, for the maritime and land mobile market.

Xantic was formed by the merger between Station 12, Telstra Global Satellite, SpecTec and KPN Broadcast. By combining the knowledge, expertise and skills of four top companies, Xantic has created an unrivalled portfolio of solutions in an area known as CAT: Content, Applications and Transactions. As a result, Xantic is one of the world’s leading satellite communication providers, offering high level ICT and CAT oriented solutions to all those who work in a business to business environment.

Xantic operates two land earth stations - one in Burum, The Netherlands, the other in Perth, Australia. With offices and agents in more than 29 countries, Xantic provides customers with premium service and quality, wherever they are in the world.

The Customer Service Centre located in Queensland, Australia provides 24 hour, 7 days a week support for account and general inquiries, fault reporting and Inmarsat service activation and is at the forefront of our commitment to our customers.


Xantic services are available worldwide and our basic portfolio contains:

- Global coverage for Inmarsat -A, -B, -C, -M, Mini-M, GAN, Fleet, Iridium and Regional BGAN. Also prepaid solutions for Mini M.
- Broad array of value added services, such as credit monitoring and Xantics own firewall service..
- Email and web browsing solutions for customers
- 24 x 7 days customer service and support

Service highlight

Regional BGAN

The Regional BGAN solution is a high-speed data service via satellite using 144 kbit/s shared channels. Simply connect the satellite IP modem (User Terminal) to a PC or PDA (via Bluetooth, USB or Ethernet interfaces), point the antenna in the direction of the satellite and its business as usual. As the terminal is a big as a notebook, it provides Internet/email access in even the remotest of areas for the private, government and NGO sector. With Regional BGAN, connection to the Internet, accessing corporate LANs or exchanging information with other offices is as easy as sitting at your office computer.

'Xantic Makes the Difference'

Xantic is the first Inmarsat Partner to build an Access Control Point (ACP). This new facility, located at the Xantic earth station in Burum, The Netherlands, serves as a Value Added Service platform. The ACP provides Regional BGAN (and other services) users with better-cost control, firewall management and enhanced security. Users of the Xantic service can specify what Internet traffic is allowed or should be blocked, thereby enhancing virus and hacker protection. All this means that Xantic’s services are far more than a communications platform alone. It is a fully integrated package, focusing on total solutions.

As well as specialised software applications, Xantic also makes available a range of off-the-shelf applications.

- Our new online credit control (for regional Bgan) tool gives you the insurance that you don't run any credit risk
- AMOS products such as AmosConnect and AMOS Mail: full duplex email solution including up to 85 per cent compression
- Connections to corporate LAN’s for e.g. database synchronisation
- Xantic’s traffic and billing (TAB) service. This application gives you an update on your usage every 24 hours. You can easily use the same application for billing purposes!
- Customisable firewall security for individual users
- Highest access security with dual user authentication
- Static and dynamic IP addresses (Rbgan)
- Easy accelerator, With Easy Accelerator you can optimise your browsing by reducing the size of selected web page content (pictures, audio, text). This way your internet experience is faster and satellite costs can be reduced up to 90 per cent! Easy Accelerator is easy to set up, easy to use, reduces your satellite costs and is free!
- E-Invoicing The e-Invoice is an electronic copy of the paper invoice and includes all call detail records as well. Xantic customers can easily download their invoices from the Internet. A message will be sent at the beginning of the month to inform customers that the invoice is ready

The above services can be used for Internet and Intranet access, from any Inmarsat service (RBGAN, GAN/Fleet 77and MPDS, Fleet 33/55, B, M or Mini-M).

For more information, please visit our website:
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