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Vokes filters service marine and power generation applications worldwide. Vokes filters have been installed on diesel engines and gas turbines providing extensive knowledge of their performance over a large number of engines in a variety of environmental conditions.


Fuel and Lubricating Oil
Clarification systems designed to protect critical equipment, including diesel engines, gas turbines, gearboxes, steam turbines, pumps and compressors as utilised by the power generation, marine and locomotive industries.

Vokes filters have been used on various power generation engines and turbines from the following manufacturers:
- MAN B&W Mirrlees Blackstone
- MAN B&W Ruston Diesels
- MAN B&W Paxman Diesels
- Rolls Royce Diesels
- Caterpillar
- Anglo Belgium Corporation
- SEMT Pielstick • Alstom (ex-GEC Steam Turbines)
- Alstom (ex-ABB Stal)
- Alstom (ex-European Gas Turbines)
- Rolls Royce Turbines
- Peter Brotherhood
- Dresser Rand

Not only can Vokes still supply spares for most of these filter systems, but also new systems if the existing filters have become damaged. Indeed Vokes continues to supply filter vessels and filter cartridges for engines, which were installed 30-40 years ago as well as those supplied new today.

Oil mist eliminators can be added to crankcase breathers on diesel engines or vents on turbines to ensure zero visible emissions, reducing their environmental impact and improving their safety. These innovative products ensure that the oil mist is returned to the engine, helping the customer to meet strict environmental legislation and also to save money on oil, clean up and engine damage from acidic blow-by gases.

Fuel oil coalescers are available from Vokes for removing water from distillate fuel. These products can dramatically reduce the water content helping to protect equipment and provide a more efficient fuel.

Insulating oil in electricity transmission
Vokes’ streamline regeneration systems for electrical insulating fluids protect and cool transformers and switchgear. These products ensure that contamination, caused by carbon particles or water, is removed to bring the dielectric strength of the oil back to its intended level. This extends the life of the electrical hardware and helps to improve reliability.

Streamline systems are in use throughout the world and offer users robust performance even in the harshest of operating environments.

Track record
With over 70 years experience in filtration technology, Vokes’ track record speaks for itself. Vokes filters have been specified and are in use on everything from ships’ engines operating in the coldest parts of the world, through to gas turbines in desert power stations.

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