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UTair Aviation    

UTair Aviation is:
- The largest world operator of Russia-produced helicopters
- The largest Russian helicopter airline
- The largest bid for helicopter flights in the interests of the UN among Russian airlines - a steady integration into the world air transport system and, as a result, a tendency for a rise in revenues from the company's international operations.

UTair Aviation is:
- A high level of safety of flights and tough technological discipline of all divisions participating in implementing or assisting the company's operations
- A large fleet of helicopters of various cargo capacities (183 Mi-26, Mi-10, Mi-8MTV and Mi-8T helicopters)
- Well developed manufacturing facilities
- A high level of flight training, technical maintenance and repairs of aircraft - a network of branches serving as bases for aircraft operations, a favorable geographical location
- UTair has offices in Moscow and New York as well as in Surgut, Tyumen and other Siberian cities

- Experienced in working in different countries around the globe: Russia, Portugal, Yugoslavia and Iraq; New Zealand and East Timor; The Republic of South Africa, Angola, Cambodia, Mozambique, Somalia, Western Sahara, Central African Republic, Sierra Leone and Eritrea among others.
- Experienced in working in various climates: African and southeastern parts of the equator;
the Russian polar region; Subtropics and the Southern Hemisphere.
- Experienced in implementing the following operations: transportation, aerial visual surveys, construction and erection, aircraft operations in the forest sector, search and rescue, emergency and rescue operations and monitoring.

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