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Unity Group - Security, critical support and training solutions for tomorrow's Iraq    

Who We Are

Unity specialises in enabling organisations to work the way they want to, however tough the operating environment.

We are one of the most successful solution providers in Iraq with offices in Baghdad, Basra, Hilla and Irbil and an enviable reputation across the discerning International and Iraqi clientbase we support. Our clientbase includes governments, multi-lateral agencies, multi-national corporations, non-governmental organizations, and individual private sector clients.

Unity has offices in Sydney, Singapore, Jakarta, Hong Kong, Dubai, Amman and Washington; Unity Group Companies work in America, Australia, East Africa, Middle East and West Asia, and our other brand - Security Solutions Asia - trades throughout East and South East Asia.

Our core staff of full time specialists are drawn from commercial, development and security related backgrounds, augmented by a pool of carefully selected international and local consultants whose expertise enables us to carefully tailor solutions to the socio-political, economic and cultural environment.

Our Approach

We are passionate about our ability to generate flexible, productive yet sustainable solutions, regardless of the environment's severity. In particular, we take time to understand your strategic vision; our focus is upon creating enduring partnerships that appropriately enhance your capacity and capability.

We pride ourselves on our integrity, transparency and cultural sensitivity; we regard these to be critical to maintaining our own reputation and safeguarding yours.

What We Do

Unity provides a truly comprehensive range of consultancy, training, protective security and critical support services. What differentiates Unity is our recognition of local specialist expertise and to progressively developing this through carefully designed in-house training and on-going capacity building programmes.


Unity is an Australian Government Registered Training Organisation and our staff car design, develop and deliver bespoke training covering a myriad of business, personal and specialist skills. Our programmes can be delivered anywhere, to meet any client circumstances. A relevant example is the Global Risk Awareness and Safety Programme (GRASP), designed specifically to prepare organizations and their personnel to work effectively within complex and hostile environments. Those benefiting from GRASP have included the United Nations, the European Union and a huge range of international and non-governmental organisations.


The Group profits from a wealth of specialized consulting knowledge, from product/project specific expertise to Security Risk Management, Business Continuity and Crisis Management world-wide. Our multi-disciplinary teams commonly address a number of issue: concurrently, offering the most cost-effective, efficient, timely, and holistic result.

Critical Services

To meet client needs, Unity has developed a wide array of supporting products and services. These include insurance for hostile environments, medical evacuation / key personnel extraction, satellite-based tracking services, project Verification Monitoring and Evaluation, water purification, accommodation provision, logistical and medical support for base or remote client locations. Unity Aviation also provides governments and organisations with highly specialised pilot training and aviation support options and capabilities.

Our solutions are flexible, scalable, and actively mitigate the risks associated with your work. Unity's experience in hostile and complex environments, knowledge and understanding of local conditions, together with the integrated nature of our solutions, ensure consistent and cost-effective results.

For more information, please visit our website:
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