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United Oilfield International Ltd - Dynamic support for your solids control needs

United Oilfield International Ltd is a western Canadian solids control company specialising in the sale, rental and servicing of centrifuges. The company is 100 per cent Canadian-owned and maintains its head office in Calgary, Alberta.

United Oilfield International Ltd currently operates out of two regional offices in Calgary and Houston, Texas, US. United Oilfield International Ltd centrifuges are used in the oil and gas industry for dewatering water-based drilling mud which allows for water recycling and reduces disposal costs, wastewater treatment plants for sludge dewatering and sludge thickening, and the plastics industry to clean washwater for recycling. Centrifuges are also used in similar waste management applications such as environmental clean-up, tank bottoms, the pulp and paper industry, mining and more. United centrifuges are designed and manufactured to meet customer specifications in all types of applications

United Oilfield International Ltd provides lease, trial and rental units on a daily basis. Centrifuges are available in SS800, SS1000 and SS2000 models.

All of United Oilfield International Ltd's field operations personnel are seasoned professionals with several years of experience in the operation, performance and safety aspects of our product. They provide onsite installations and removal of all our equipment. Field personnel are also available on a standby and call-out basis for standard service, diagnosis, repair and refurbishment of both customer owned and rental units.

United Oilfield International Ltd. carries an extensive inventory of centrifuge equipment.

The SS2000 is currently the largest centrifuge in United Oilfield’s product line. This unit is recommended for operations where applications might require consistently high processed volumes. The SS2000 features a 21.0" x 72.0" (533mm x 1829mm) stainless steel rotating assembly driven by a 125 HP Marathon Explosion Proof motor. This unit delivers a volume of up to 2m3/min unweighted drilling fluid or 2.5m3/min of H2O.

SS1000 Centrifuge

This unit is ideal for any type of industry requiring processed volumes up to 1m3/min or 264 US gal/min.

The SS1000 features an 18.5" x 50.25" (470mm x 1270mm) stainless steel rotating assembly driven by a 60 HP Marathon Explosion Proof motor.

United Oilfield International Ltd offers Linear and Orbital Vortex Shakers, recognised as being the leader in setting the standard for oilfield performance. Shakers are available in a variety of sizes and work with any rig set-up or volume requirement.

The Orbital 3000 uses orbital motion for extended screen life and excellent conveyance. The shaker is 10.25 feet long and 5.0 feet wide at the base. This allows drop-in retrofit on existing rigs

The 26.5-inch weir height is one of the lowest in the industry, allowing placement on rigs with minimal flow nipple-to-pit drop. Three primary screens provide 30sq.ft. of screening area.

United Oilfield International Ltd offers a valuable service to the wastewater treatment industry.

The contents of a settlement lagoon can be processed through a centrifuge; the ‘waste’ sludge is thickened to 8.6 per cent dry solids and returned to a staging pit. The water can be returned to the pipeline for transportation back to the sewage process plant to be reused as a carrier.

At 8.6 per cent the sludge can still be pumped and is suitable for agriculture use on crop fields or if transported the reduced volume will drastically cut trucking costs.

United Oilfield International Ltd designed its Combination Centrifuge and Fluid Processing Unit to be totally self contained and easily moved for shallow drilling and 'no disturb' locations.

With one load using a winch tractor and low boy trailer, the unit can be moved into position and be easily set up and running within 20 minutes. It provides everything required for dewatering, clearwater drilling and solids containment. No picker is required.

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