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United Mesopotamia for Security (UMS)

Our vision

To combine all intelligence, planning, expertise and experience, enabling us to set the highest security standards possible.

To work alongside the Iraqi government and community to transfer our expertise back into the local environment, by using as many local resources and personnel as possible.

Our mission statement

To work in parallel with our clients to understanding their work schedules and goals. This enables United Mesopotamia for Security to minimise the risk factor for associated people and facilities.

Our activities

United Mesopotamia for Security (UMS) is a uniquely formed Iraqi/British Security Company. The philosophy of this partnership combines the local intelligence and culture of the Iraqi people with the planning and logistical skill of British personal into a comprehensive package for you, the client.

United Mesopotamia for Security (UMS) is working towards the future in conjunction with the Iraqi government and local businesses to help provide a safe environment and bring Iraq back to its former status. The Iraqi security personnel aim to be part of the rebuilding of a new Iraq for their children and their children's children.

The British element of UMS wants to play a part of this future, and use its expertise to help stabilise and rebuild within their capabilities.

The combination of these factors result in United Mesopotamia for Security (UMS) providing a wide selection of security services that focus on using the local communities to help restore a new and safe Iraq. This is the cornerstone of the company's operations, which aim to expand throughout the world.

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