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Trueman Service

The right solution for you

- Materials
- Manpower
- General consulting
- Economic effectiveness
- Production cost reducing

Trueman Service is the company to meet your needs, to provide and help. Our workers have much experience from a variety of industries. We know how to handle problems. We want to bless you and therefore we created the Trueman Service Company.

1. We provide material solutions to companies to meet the challenges of today’s changing business environment.

The right material for your work

- Sanitary
- Electrical
- General building
- Metal constructions

We provide materials solutions to companies to meet the challenges of today’s changing business environment. We have Estonian resources and Nordic focus to help companies maximise the efficiency and productivity of their production process through our service. We offer service to a variety of industies, including:

- Providing necessary raw-materials
- Finding out needed component and ready parts to assembly work
- Making direct contacts with producers
- Completed logistics and material delivery

2. We provide workforce solutions to changing businesses.

The right staff for your work

- Hard working
- Using brains
- Well skilled
- Viking size
- Friendly
- Helpful
- Strong

We provide workforce solutions and focus to help companies maximise the efficiency of their process through our service. We offer a number of service options, including:

- Professional, technical and traditional staffing resources, from general professionals and assembly workers to special workers
- On-site management of our contingent workforce
- Flexible staffing to match the fluctuations in your personnel requirements
- Completed four-man brigades supplied with necessary major hand tools
- Whether you need one or many four-man brigades or bunch of Baltic made building materials, we can deliver

3. We are here, to help you to reach your need to increase your company profit.

Do you need to increase your company profit and/or amount of money in your pocket!?
We do that by decreasing labour, raw material, and tax costs.
We are here, to help you to reach this goal.
Just come over to Estonia.

Why you should use us Albert Einstein was once asked why it was that he didn’t even know his own phone number. He replied that he never bothered to memorise anything that could be looked up. As an entrepreneur, you may often feel overwhelmed by everything that you need to know. But if Einstein didn’t have to know everything, neither do you.

The truth is you don’t need to know everything to start and run a successful business in Estonia. You just need to know when you need help and where to find it.

Some examples of when we are may be necessary:

- We can help with juridical, notary and bookkeeping
- We can help to establish the local firm
- We can find plot to you in Techno Park
- We can manage the building process to you
- We can find workers with a specialised expertise
- We can provide you with needed materials
- We can help with logistics

We are happy to help you to bring your business in to Estonia.
We focus on serving your needs as you focus on your core business. We’re ready to work for you.
Don’t hesitate, just contact us.

For more information, visit our website.
Get slim fast!
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