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Triple Canopy - Delivers secure solutions to organisations worldwide

Recognized for its performance as a premium service organization, Triple Canopy integrates integrity and quality to deliver secure solutions to organizations worldwide.

Government and corporate enterprises trust Triple Canopy to secure people, facilities and other high value assets, and provide a wide range of risk management services.

We deliver a broad range of professional security services including security assessment and analysis, technical surveillance countermeasures, tactical training, and full-scale security and protection operations. Our security specialists will work with you to analyze your requirements and develop a security program that meets your needs.

Triple Canopy fields a cadre of seasoned professionals with decades of experience serving in the military’s elite special operations and counterterrorist units. We use proven techniques and hard-earned experience to ensure that your assets receive the best possible protection, always staying several steps ahead of our adversaries.

We set the security standard with our stringent training, exacting code of ethics, and unwillingness to compromise on security measures. We comprehend your security issues and work closely with you to make recommendations or develop solutions that fit your needs.

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