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Track 24    

Track 24 is based outside of the United Kingdom and is a service provider for satellite tracking technology for companies operating in remote parts of the world. Within the Track 24 team there is extensive knowledge of the operating environment in Iraq. Using their knowledge we have packaged a system with best of class hardware and software, designed specifically for the needs of contractors and security companies in Iraq. Track 24 has been operating in Iraq since February and has an ever growing customer base in the region. The technology is proven with over 20,000 units now being operational worldwide.

The Track 24 solution benefits from being robust, low maintenance, having a minimal training requirement, compact and low profile, and affordable. It will allow you to:
- Optimise the usage of your vehicles
- Minimise the exposure of your employees in dangerous areas
- Provide early warning of incidents and delays
- Improve the chance of recovering valuable assets

Practical benefits for companies in Iraq
- The operations room will be able to see the location of all their callsigns on a screen, enhancing their command and control capability
- In the event of a 'contact' the panic alarm will be pressed and the operations room will have an exact location for the callsign in contact
- If multiple callsigns are in contact there will be a clear depiction of their locations on the street level mapping
- The operations room will have a visual map display to assist with deployment of other callsigns to assist with the situation
- In areas of poor or no communication the geofence capability can be used to automatically report when vehicles pass through designated report lines
- The operations room will always be able to poll vehicles for position even if other means of communications are lost
- Callsigns conducting foot patrols can be located - the unit fits into a small pouch and can be worn on a belt or put into a daysack
- The 2-way text messaging device (optional) provides back-up to voice communications
- Using text messaging all callsigns can be warned to avoid certain areas quickly and efficiently
- Text commands can be sent to groups of callsigns e.g. “return to base”, “contact in progress 10km SW of Baghdad on Route Tampa at GRID 654784 – avoid area”

- Tracking: Regular scheduled reports from the unit, allowing for polling of the unit from the base station forposition and status
- Emergency alerts: A panic alarm transmits an alert with location details to a base station. This can also be transmitted by SMS and email
- Audit trail: A report history allows an audit trail of units movements for the previous month to be produced on a map
- User friendly software: User friendly software incorporating global mapping allows assets to be tracked, alarms to be monitored, 2-way text messaging, and geofencing from a workstation anywhere in the world via the Internet
- Geofencing: Automatically reports location and generates an alert procedure if the vehicle strays out of or into a restricted zone. Geofences can also be used as waypoints to track progress
- Messaging: Base station operators and personnel in the field can communicate via 2-way messaging
Portability: The device can be detached from a vehicle in less than 60 seconds and can be carried in a small rucksack or in a pouch on a person’s belt. Power is provided via an integrated rechargeable battery
- Street level mapping: Street level mapping is available for all major cities in Iraq
- Tapestry integration: The system has been integrated into Tapestry so all units on the system can be monitored in the Reconstruction Operations Centre (ROC)

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