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Telenor Satellite Services

Telenor Satellite Services provides mobile high-speed data, Internet access, email, fax and voice communication services to the maritime, aeronautical and land mobile industries. Telenor owns and operates a global network of teleports providing services to companies operating in remote sites, emergency response teams, news gathering organisations, natural resource exploration companies, ships at sea, international travelers and more. Telenor also owns “Marlink,” a ‘multi-supplier’ of mobile satellite airtime that provides traffic accounting services, hardware, systems integration and value-added services for maritime and land mobile industries.

Advantages and features

- 'The Source' online communications management tool available exclusively from Telenor
- '24/7' multilingual customer care
- Worldwide network of Telenor owned and operated earth stations
- Industry-leading portfolio of value added services available internationally
- Prepaid voice calling cards for remote calling from land, sea and air
- Consolidated and simplified billing using MindsparX
- 35+ years of international satellite communications experience
- Portfolio of secure communications


Regional BGAN

Regional BGAN is a wireless packet data service based on Internet protocol (IP) with coverage including Europe, the Middle East, parts of Asia and northern and central Africa. Using portable notebook-sized IP modems, the service offers mobile, high-speed data access to the Internet and corporate IT networks via a 144 kbps shared channel. BGAN supports enterprise customers, governments, global and regional businesses, as well as educational facilities enabling them to securely extend their corporate networks and access the Internet, via satellite, regardless of the local communications infrastructure.

GAN (Global Area Network)

Service combines today’s global high-speed (64 kbps) data service along with the flexibility and economy of mobile packet data technology, where users pay for volume of data rather than connection time. GAN provides cost-effective Internet and Intranet access, data file and image transfers, real-time video, email, fax and voice using portable, briefcase-sized terminals weighing as little as 3.9kg.

Fleet maritime services

Telenor’s Fleet family of services (F77, F55 and F33) offers a range of service solutions, providing ocean-going and coastal vessels with comprehensive voice, fax, and data communications permitting access to e-mail and the Internet, video conferencing, weather updates and global ship-to-shore communications.


Swift uses ISDN and mobile packet data technology for robust, high-speed satellite communications for the aviation community enabling transmissions of large files such as proposals, presentations, sending email and fax messages, web browsing, participating in videoconferences and connecting to the corporate LAN/WAN while in flight.

Inmarsat A

Accommodates a full range of analog voice, telex, data and fax transmissions at speeds up to 9.6 kbps for mobile land and sea users.

Inmarsat B

Accommodates a full range of digital voice, fax and data services including medium-to-high-speed data up to 64 kbps.

Inmarsat C

Offers efficient, economical data communications solutions for messaging, fleet management, supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA), homeland security and maritime safety.

Inmarsat M

Provides worldwide digital voice, low-speed data and fax communications using portable, suitcase-sized equipment.

Inmarsat Mini-M

Offers high-quality voice and data communications using notebook-sized terminals weighing about 2.6kg and provides phone, fax, email and data connections. STU-III encryption and prepaid calling cards are also available.

Aeronautical services

In addition to Swift, Telenor offers users a variety of options that provide excellent voice communications as well as high-speed data and fax capabilities.


Sealink is Telenor’s suite of 'always on, fixed-price' leased broadband communications solutions that extend corporate networks.


Telenor offers a portfolio of Iridium mobile satellite services. Iridium provides global mobile satellite voice, data, paging, and short messaging (SMS).

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