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TECNOVE, S.L. designs and develops every kind of industrial and special carriages such as mobile telephony, television mobile units, mobile units of medicine, ambulances, vehicles for transport of works and mobile rooms for training, among others. Another sector is the wide supply for the army and refrigerator vans and isotherms vans for the transport of perishable merchandises.

Main activities

Special vehicles division - The development and manufacturing of:

- Mobile units of medicine and ambulances
- Laundry containers for the army
- Showers on containers
- Bakeries on containers
- Campaign cooker
- Mobile units of medicine
- Mobile telephony
- Telecommunication mobile units, TV
- Via satellite communication
- Mobile lubrication and workshop vehicles
- Commercial promotion mobile units
- Mobile rooms for training and conferences
- Military loading containers
- Military refrigerator containers
- Special ambulances on jeeps
- Soundproofing of electrogenic groups from 50 kva. to 1.000 kva
- Freezer containers
- Refrigerator containers
- Food transport units
- Tents
- Thermal tents

Security, defence, mailing and railway transport division:

- Military metallic carriages for the transport of troops
- Vehicles for banknote transport (armoured with A-00, A-10, A-20, A-30 and A-40)
- Mobile bank agencies
- Automatic cashier cabins
- Mobile floors for railway transport
- Wheeled cage containers

FGRP division: (Fiber Glass Reinforced Polyester):

- Refrigerator vans and isotherm vans (homologate at the highest level)
- FGRP cabins for Telefónica
- Shop vans
- Catering vans
- Tows for catering and railway services

Production means

Tecnove disposes of the following production means:

Of our staff of 450 employees, a high percentage has professional experience of more than 20 years in manufacturing special vehicles for defence purposes as well as for health purposes.

The company also has modern covered installations which take up 22.580 m2 , 2.720 m2 of office installations, plus 80.150 m2 clear space. It also has a wide and advanced machinery and equipment functionally planned in order to reach a bigger dynamism and manufacturing quality.

During the last six years TECNOVE has manufactured 8,000 units for sectors as diverse as cooled transport, health, radio and television, mobile communications, security, culture and education, army, show and leisure.

Quality program ISO 9001

For that reason, in TECNOVE we have highly specialised departments, entirely devoted to the control and development of the quality at any phase of the manufacturing process. On 22 October 1997 we were awarded certification as a registered company according to the UNE-EN-ISO 9001 Norm on a nationwide scale, and IQNet on the international one by AENOR (Spanish Association of Normalisation and Certification), with the number ER-0718/1/97.

TECNOVE is registered with the number 47345 as a supplier of the United Nations.

Achieved awards and prizes

- Companies master
- Award in gratitude for the design and technology
- Prize in gratitude for technological innovation (in 1994) awarded by the chamber of Commerce of Ciudad-Real
- Prize in gratitude for technological innovation awarded by the Euroventanilla de Castilla la Mancha in 1995
- Prize in gratitude for the best supplier awarded by the FUJITSU Company in 1998

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