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Tarheel Canine Training, Inc.    

Tarheel Canine Training, Inc. is a North Carolina corporation located in Sanford, North Carolina. Though we are a full service working dog training kennel, we specialise in providing dogs for police services and military applications. We have access to high quality, properly socialised, German Shepherds, Belgian Malinois, Dutch Shepherds, and Labrador Retrievers. Tarheel Canine's Police K-9 Training is properly licensed by the appropriate state and federal agencies.

We service all facets of Police K-9 training, from instructor's courses through the training of K-9s in the following areas: dual purpose (patrol/narcotics and patrol/explosives), scent discrimination trailing, narcotics detection, explosives detection, weapons detection and K-9 Search & Rescue including Wilderness SAR (bark/re-find alerts), FEMA Urban SAR, Cadaver recovery (land/water). Our importing and training service has been providing high quality working dogs for police service for the last 15 years.

We offer special training and support to private companies needing a provider of high quality working dogs for deployment in overseas operations, such as facilities security, VIP transport and other PSD details. The trainers and consultants to our explosives detection program have worked in the overseas theaters in the Middle East, including Kuwait, Iraq and Afghanistan. We also offer instructor certification courses so that overseas units can continue to have the support they need during operational deployments as they would have in the US. Companies needing these services can have their unit administrators or designated handlers complete these instructor courses along with the K9 teams being readied for deployment.

The quality of trained canines can vary greatly depending on the vendor. Tarheel Canine Training Inc. has positioned itself with reliable high quality vendors in Europe and the United States to source the dogs needed for training. Our trained dogs meet or exceed the standards of most training certifications in the United States or anywhere in the world. Tarheel Canine Training Inc. strives to exceed the expectations of our customers in terms of quality and service. Our trainers are the best and most experienced in the country, all having an average of 10 years experience in training and usage of K9s in both civilian police and military operations.

Each trained dog is guaranteed to have the required health, temperament and working ability, according to the purchaser’s specifications. Each dog selected is pre-tested for sociability, retrieve and hunting drives, aggression/civil, aggression/prey, gun sureness, slick floors, stairs, dark rooms, and tight spaces. Each adult dog we import is guaranteed for health and working temperament unconditionally for 30 days. Further we offer a 2-year congenital health guarantee that is unmatched in the industry. Trained dogs are all certified prior to deployment with their handlers, in scenario based certifications.

Tarheel Canine Training Inc is located in Sanford, NC in the heart of the North Carolina Sand hills, 30 minutes north of Fayetteville NC and the US Army Base at Ft. Bragg. We have dormitory housing at our facility for handlers, and can arrange shipping of dogs worldwide.

Tarheel Canine Training Inc. can supply high quality trained dogs with service to match. Contact us to see the difference Tarheel Canine Training Inc. can make to your K9 security.

For more information, please visit our website:
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