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Tactical Risk Management®    

Tactical Risk Management® is a specialised crisis and risk management company established in 2000 with its headquarter based near Munich, Germany.

The main field of service is executive, victim and witness protection as well as crisis and risk consulting. A special service is the low profile verification of existing security measures for bigger companies. We do not deliver a classic bodyguard Service. Our mission is acute risk and crisis oriented personal protection which includes multiple service and consulting intense sanctions.

Our target group are persons and their dependants:
• Witness protection
• Victim protection
• Female protection against male violence
• Slave trade
• Organised crime
• Terror prevention
• Extremism

Beside these security services, Tactical Risk Management represents the US-based Instruction and Training Company Options For Personal Security (OPS) in the German market.

Tactical Risk Management's ground breaking work with OPS in 360 degree dynamic engagement protocols has been adopted by instructors and armed operators across the country and overseas. We are also a leader in the areas of tactical handgun and shoulder weapon skills development. The company is unique in the extent to which techniques and tactics from a broad spectrum of sources have been synergistically combined. Continual improvement is our guiding philosophy, and we eschew dogmatic doctrine and the 'not invented here' syndrome. The result is the most progressive training program in the world.

As certified OPS Instructor, Tactical Risk Management delivers specialised shooting and tactics training for military, law enforcement, civil security and dedicated citizens.

Tactical Risk Management provides tailored training at a beginners, professional and master level and mediates the mindset, skills and tactics to survive in high risk environments. Tactical Risk Management is able to instruct instructors to put them in a position to bring the up scaled knowledge to their teammates and act as multiplier in their own units.

Tactical Risk Management offers special, task oriented courses for almost every environment.

This includes:

• Low light shooting
• Officer survival
• Range safety for high risk training
• Tactical K-9
• Law enforcement sniper
• Aircraft assault
• Alarm response training
• SWAT tactics
• Tactical pistol, carbine and shotgun

Why do we want to provide services to Iraq Suppliers?

Some of our friends are on active duty in Iraq working in the field of protection for a security company. There is a deficit of high risk environment training.

We think this is not necessary. It is time to put Iraqs new security troops on a level of training they need to have to fix the problem and gain the stability and security for the region.
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