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STS-Global Scandinavian Transport Supply  

Your organisation not only deserves first class products but also first class service. STS-Global (Scandinavian Transport Supply) serves the aid and development community through the specialised supply of vehicles, fleet solutions, and genuine spare parts into remote and developing areas worldwide.

Vehicles: STS-Global supplies high quality products such as Toyota, Ford, Man Trucks and Daewoo buses from stock, including genuine spare parts.

Specialised vehicles: STS-Global supplies various specialised vehicles such as ambulances, workshop vehicles and armoured vehicles (B4-B7) NATO standards.

Motorcycles: STS-Global supplies Honda and Yamaha motorcycles from stock.

We are in the business of ensuring our clients can access reliable vehicles to meet the challenging needs of the projects in which they are engaged.

With a pool of experienced staff that have sold and serviced vehicles in Africa and Eastern Europe to the Middle East we understand the wants and the needs of our clients and have the capabilities to handle all the challenges experienced in remote and developing areas. In some countries we can also assist to obtain all relevant import papers and even offer local service and maintenance.

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