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Stoof International GmbH    

Stoof International GmbH was founded in 1865 by Karl August Stoof in Busendorf/Kanin, Germay. Starting with one of the earliest means of transportation, Karl Stoof established a work shop for the production of horse drawn wooden coaches. He had great expectations for the future of his enterprise which have been more than realised during the 140 years of it’s existence.

The modern premises of Stoof International GmbH are located in Borkheide, near the German capital Berlin.

Stoof International GmbH has a total of 92 employees, a dedicated team of specialists incorporating the professional know-how of engineers, auto-technicians/electricians, metal workers and mechanics. Part of Stoof’s philosophy is to provide each customer with the expertise and innovation needed to incorporate their special requirements into a unique product.

Toyota LandCruiser TROJAN® armoured to CEN B6:

The Toyota LandCruiser TROJAN® is an armoured 4x4 cross country utility vehicle which provides effective all round passenger cell protection. The main objective of the TROJAN® is to provide an inconspicuous outward appearance, while at the same time incorporating a comprehensive range of safety and security features.

Based on the worldwide respected reputation of the Toyota LandCruiser, the TROJAN® offers a specially designed platform which provides the mobile protection ideally suited for diplomatic and humanitarian aid personnel, who undertake their allocated duties whilst serving their overseas assignments in areas of potential danger and conflict. The TROJAN® is made exclusively by Stoof International in Germany with no third parties involved.

Armoured vehicle driver training:
From our German and Middle East locations, Stoof International runs regular armoured vehicle driver training courses. Driver training is one of the most important aspects for operators of special protection vehicles. Only a trained driver can operate a vehicle safely within its limits and still obtain the maximum performance from the vehicle. Stoof International not only produces security protection vehicles but also stands behind its product by designing a driver training programme for our past, current and future customers. Course are compliant with current United Nations/NGO policy for operations in Iraq. Our team are also prepared to travel.

CIT – Money transporter vehicles:
Stoof Intenational is one of the leading providers of armoured CIT – Money transporters in Germany holding just over 50 per cent of the current market. Expanding on this built up knowledge and learning from the Middle East experience; Stoof International has built an armoured CIT vehicle for high threat regions based on the Mercedes-Benz Vario CEN B6/B7. CIT vehicles are also available utilising the Toyota 78 model chassis.

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