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Siderpali Spa    

Siderpali Spa is a leading Italian manufacturer, certified ISO 9001-2000, of steel monotubular poles for electric utilities, wireless communications and public outdoor lighting.

Power transmission poles

With more than 50 years experience in the design, manufacture and supply of steel structures for power transmission, Siderpali can offer a wide range of poles and supports for low,medium and high voltage lines and substations up to 475Kv.

Single pole structures, light duty distribution poles and H frame supports with a variety of finishes and with slip joint or flange plate construction, designed in accordance with ASCE codes, are available.

Power transmission poles can be full scale load tested in vertical position at Tower Test, a Siderpali shareholding company ,one of the world biggest and most modern testing stations.

Telecom poles

Siderpali contributed, in the last 15 years, to develop for the domestic wireless carriers a wide range of monotubular poles as alternative to the traditional lattice towers. Monopoles with platforms and more compact, lighter and slim structures are available. Disguised solutions combining lighting and wireless applications, hybrid masts designed to function both as lighting masts and wireless poles are also available. International standards for wind load requirements are applied.

Outdoor lighting poles and masts

Siderpali is internationally recognised as a pioneer in the outdoor lighting industry. Specialised in the design and construction of high masts with lowering-raising device, the company can provide unique solutions with industrial and decorative aesthetic masts for motorways, interchanges, stocking areas, harbours, airports, substations, railway yards and city centres. For sports ground and stadias, a number of different solutions are also available with fixed head frame and a variety of access systems: external ladder, internal ladder and electrical lift. Siderpali's solutions are designed to meet AASHTO and other international standards. Complete packages combining masts and luminaries are available.

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