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Servicesat - The Satellite Communication Experts  

Servicesat is a distributor of Satellite Data Connectivity solutions, encompassing everything from the smallest basic Home User Internet connectivity, including VoIP solutions, to designing and deploying major Government and Corporate networks for thousands of users. We are one of the largest Satellite distributors in Europe and the Middle East, with over 3500 terminals currently deployed, using 6 different satellites.

Servicesat is an independent supplier, able to offer solutions that FIT your needs, not making your needs fit our solutions. Significant attention is given to the technical as well as the practical suitability of our various satellite products and extensive testing is conducted before a product is released. Servicesat has full in-house network design and implementation facilities extending beyond the pure satellite aspect of the business.

The combination of our unrivalled knowledge of current products in the satellite communication industry, as well as our past experience in deploying large networks, enables us to offer independent advice for a range of solutions. From simple Telemetry to VPN-based connectivity, as well as telephony and surveillance, Servicesat can provide the right solution.

A Unique Approach

Servicesat differs from other distributors in the satellite industry in that we have built strong relationships directly with all the leading manufacturers and service providers of satellite communications products and services. These include such companies as Hughes Network Systems, Tachyon Networks, Satlynx and iDirect.

This independence, due to our relationship with numerous product and service providers, forms the basis of our strength and has propelled us to be one of the fastest growing satellite equipment and service distributors in Europe and the Middle East.

Servicesat has numerous sites in the Middle East, such as Iraq, which includes the experience to transport equipment into Iraq as well as maintenance once it has arrived.

Our experience in providing service in Iraq and Afghanistan, places as remote as Iceland and the Faroe Islands, and as technologically challenging as Western Europe, is proof that you can rely on Servicesat to assist in the provision of your satellite communication requirements.

Range of services

Owing to our wide range of services, we are able to precisely meet our customers' requirements. Servicesat enables a wide range of innovative and scalable network solutions for enterprises, governments and small to medium businesses, bringing to consumers and teleworkers everywhere the excitement and convenience of high-speed Internet, either in the home or in the workplace. Whether broadband Internet access, remote access to corporate offices, customised network solutions, backup services to complement terrestrial infrastructure or transportable solutions for business on the move, Servicesat can meet the needs of all types of users.

Servicesat is currently implementing solutions, which support such significant industries as wind-farms, mining and exploration sites, construction sites and aid agencies.

VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) Service

VoIP is offered in connection with numerous platforms including Hughes Network Systems, Tachyon Networks, and iDirect and is an additional service. VoIP enables you to use a standard telephone with your satellite Internet connection and allows you to to make, and receive, phone calls around the world at competitive rates.

Servicesat's Mobile Unit

Servicesat presents exciting new technology in a durable, portable, fully automatic, two-way satellite system. The mobile satellite Internet system enables those on the move to get high-speed Internet access, virtually anywhere.

Servicesat mobile satellite Internet units may be mounted on trucks, vans, railroad cars and trailers and can be deployed within minutes. Our mobile satellite system requires no cell phones or phone lines. If you can see the southern sky, you can have broadband Internet service.

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