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In little more than a decade, Serco has grown to become one of the world’s largest outsourcing
businesses, operating in Europe, the Middle East, Asia Pacific and North America. The group is a truly
international business with nearly a third of turnover coming from outside the UK.

Serco’s core products are the skills and processes for organisational design and change management. We apply our skills in a diverse range of fields. We run world-class scientific establishments and railways, maintain offices and spacecraft, manage schools, prisons and motorway systems, test military assets and control air traffic. In every case our job is to make our customers’ operations more efficient whilst improving quality. We can do this by managing existing facilities, projects or systems. Alternatively, we can create entirely new facilities - raising finance, designing and procuring them, and then operating them.

We have a successful track record of delivering private finance initiatives (PFIs), which we have been involved in since 1995. PFIs fit well with our ability to deliver sophisticated service contracts based on specified outputs. Our PFI successes include designing, building and now running the Joint Services Command and Staff College for the UK’s Ministry of Defence, which the National Audit Office has declared a ‘textbook example’ of how a PFI should work.

To every project we bring the same things: our expertise in managing change and our proven management processes for delivering continuing performance improvement. Our business is structured to ensure that we can clearly focus on our customers’ requirements. That’s why we want to make decisions as close to the point of delivery as possible with contract management teams running - within a controlled framework - their operations like businesses, addressing customer needs and opportunities responsively and entrepreneurially. It’s an approach that our customers seem to respond to and one that enables us to maintain our success rate of over 90 per cent in contract rebids and renewals.

One of the group’s strengths is the international nature of our business and contracts. We have been
operating in the Middle East for over 50 years. Serco has been providing aeronautical and maintenance
services continuously in the Middle East since 1947 when it commenced operations at Sharjah and in
Bahrain. Subsequently, Serco took on the responsibility for the aeronautical services at the airport in Abu Dhabi during the 1950s, at Dubai in the early 1960s and at Ras Al Khaimah in 1976.

Throughout the 1950s and 1960s Serco was responsible for operating most of the major flight information centres and air traffic control services at international airports in the Mediterranean region, Libya, the Sudan, East Africa and Nigeria, as well as those throughout the Middle East and Gulf region.

In 2002 Serco entered into a joint venture arrangement with the Jebel Ali Free Zone Association (JAFZA) in Dubai, to carry out facilities management activities for the Ports, Customs and Freezone Corporation (PCFC) in Jebel Ali Free Zone and Port Rashid, Dubai. In this ground breaking venture, Serco partnered with JAFZA to outsource the engineering, maintenance, asset management, accommodation, cleaning and general administration of both the free zone and Port Rashid.

In addition to this, Serco provides technical supply and support services through its affiliated companies International Aeradio (Emirates) LLC, located in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Aden (Yemen) and Aeradio Technical Services (ATS), located in Bahrain. Our range of products spans a variety of business sectors from marine, data, radio and communications, security, meteorological, offshore oil and gas to PC peripherals.

In partnership with our customers and staff we aim to enhance service levels and operational efficiency by shortening decision-making chains, reducing bureaucracy and achieving continuous improvement.

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