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Security Consultancy & Recruitment Services Ltd  

Security Consultancy & Recruitment Services Ltd was established in 2004 to match security specialists to companies and individuals requiring this specialised role. We have placed experienced personnel in Iraq operating as security consultants carrying out close protection and security management roles for multinational companies.

SCRS Ltd senior management has extensive and ongoing experience of working in the security sector in Iraq. As a result of this the company understands the needs of security companies and individuals and the qualities required by potential employers.

We have established a large database containing the CV of experienced and qualified security specialists available to work worldwide. These specialists come from a military or police background. We also work in co-operation with Ronin Close Protection Academy, providers of quality accredited close protection courses. Successful students apply to join the database. We only maintain the CV of personnel who have the necessary experience and qualities to operate in hostile environments.

Close protection

Our database contains a list of close protection specialists, many from the Special Forces or police close protection units, with experience of client protection worldwide.

Whether you need an individual bodyguard or a close protection team, we have the specialists available, most at short notice.

We have close contacts with local Iraqis and can supply individuals or teams of locally recruited and vetted Iraqi security personnel. Operating closely with local Iraqis increases personal security. This can be achieved by the use of normal Iraqi cars as opposed to operating in high profile ‘white 4 x 4s’. This tactic has and is still being used to great effect in Iraq.

Security consultancy

Expert advice or guidance on security matters, either in an operational area or prior to deployment, is available. Gaining security advice prior to deployment can save time, money and lives. Our security specialists are available to carry out security surveys.

At SCRS, security matters: all information received and distributed is treated with the utmost secrecy and integrity. We perform stringent security checks on all personnel and potential employees, resulting in complete peace of mind for all concerned.

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