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Sea Security Services, LLC    

Sea Security Services, LLC (S3) is a global leader in the fight on piracy and terrorism. Sea Security Services provides comprehensive and seamless security applications with the most qualified and highly trained special operations personnel, specifically trained and vetted for the specific security services required.

Maritime Security

S3’s maritime security services are very inclusive, including not only security of shipping assets while in port but can also extend to the port itself, ships at sea, shipping executives, their families and corporate assets. Our security agents can be on hand to insure that no one but authorized personnel are allowed on board and that the cargo is not pilfered while being loaded and port facilities are secure. However, our specialty is on-board security to combat piracy and terrorism on the high seas.

We have special operations personnel that are specifically trained in, and have the experience of, retaking vessels at sea, securing the vessel and crew and, if necessary, waiting for tugs/crew to arrive to get the ship back underway.

Executive Protection and Personal Security Detail

S3 provides Executive Protection (EP) and Personal Security Details (PSD) for corporate executives, families, VIP’s and dignitaries globally. Our security staff includes only trained and tested EP and PSD personnel. Like our Maritime Security professionals, each is trained specifically in the requirements of taking care of those individuals entrusted to their care. We do business in a manner that attracts the least amount of attention.

Site/Facility & Capital Investment Security

Whether a small airfield or isolated rail road sites in Kazakhstan or an electrical plant being reconstructed or upgraded in Iraq, we will match the depth of our experience and talent to the appropriate level of security for maximum cost effectiveness and least amount of interference with normal business operations and functioning.

Counter Terrorism/Red Team

Quietly working with and through the appropriate governmental services, we can train local security forces in the required skills necessary for self-sufficiency. This ‘train the trainer” approach maximizes the efficiency with which foreign governments and private companies can stand-up their own counter terrorism forces.

Our experts can also help in the planning and execution stages of local counter terrorism operations by providing the experience acquired through years of special operations experience.


All S3 personnel have seen action/combat and are hardened, tested and matured under fire. We are the quiet professionals. Any other type of individual can get you killed.

The only organization that has the same level of training and expertise is the Special Operations Forces of the US military.

Mission and Goals

To demonstrate professional expertise that will acquire and maintain the trust and confidence of our clients through exercising the appropriate security profile necessary to the given challenge.

Provide counter terrorism expertise in the planning, training and execution of client objectives as approved by the US Department of State.

Business Philosophy

We recognise the our reputation hinges on our being able to provide what we say we can do in the most discrete manner that will add value to the product and services of the client.

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