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Schneider Electric    

Schneider Electric is one of the world's largest manufacturers of equipment for electrical distribution and industrial control and automation. Schneider works directly with power generators to distribute electricity. We also design automation systems for the automobile and water-treatment industries; build infrastructure for airports, road and rail networks, and port facilities; and manage electric power in residential, industrial, and commercial buildings. Schneider sells its products to the construction, electric power, industrial, and infrastructure markets.

With operations in 130 countries, and strong representation in all countries in the Middle East, we are extremely well positioned to support the reconstruction efforts in Iraq.

The primary operating companies are:

Square D
The origin of the Square D name is legendary. In 1915, the Detroit Fuse and Manufacturing Company introduced a stamped steel version of its enclosed safety switch. Today, the Square D brand name remains one of the few created by its customers. In 1993, Schneider Electric acquired Square D Company and added one of the most highly recognised and well respected brands in the electrical industry to its portfolio providing NEMA/ANSI equipment.

Merlin Gerin
In 1920, Paul-Louis Merlin and Gaston Gerin created the Merlin Gerin Company and, in 1921, introduced the world’s first range of high voltage, oil circuit breakers. Key Merlin Gerin innovations include the pneumatically operated circuit breaker, the first 245kV Hexabloc metal clad substation, the MULTI-9™ range of low voltage circuit breakers, the MASTERPACT® molded case circuit breaker, and the COMPACT™ NS circuit breaker. In 1992, Schneider Electric completed the acquisition of Merlin Gerin. Today, the company offers IEC type electrical circuit protection products.

Since inventing the first industrial contactor in 1924, Telemecanique has continued to pioneer new electrical control technology including the development of the first thermal relays, float switches, and pressure gauges in 1925.

Innovative excellence continued to define the brand as new products were introduced over the next half-century in the areas of digital and speed control, centralised motor control, photoelectric sensing and human machine interface (HMI). Schneider Electric acquired Telemecanique in 1988. Today, Telemecanique remains the company’s leadership brand for IEC type industrial control and automation products.

Iraq experience
Schneider Electric has been involved as OEM or Contractor on the Iraqi electrical network, medium voltage and low voltage, for more than 25 years. In the early eighties, under the name of Merlin Gerin, we delivered on a turnkey basis, 240 substations 33/11kV mainly installed in Baghdad area, northern Iraq and Middle districts of the country. Also, 800 kiosks 11/0.4 kV, together with several hundred Ring Main Units (RM6), and more than 100,000 LV outdoor cabinets for protection of distribution transformers have been delivered since 1980 up to Phase 13 of the Oil for Food program. In addition, to save the energy on a very poor and perturbed network, 30,000 LV indoor cabinets, including regulated LV capacitors banks, have been delivered.

Schneider Electric has a strong, well established office in Baghdad and has developed excellent relationships in the key ministries.

Schneider Electric has a leading global position in two complementary core businesses that are directly and centrally required for the Reconstruction of Iraq:

Electrical distribution

Medium voltage
- Switchgear and equipment from 1-52kV; switches, fuses, circuit breakers, contactors, transformers, overhead switchgear, and outdoor and indoor substations
- Power distribution management; monitoring, remote operation, automation, protection, and measurement
Low voltage
- Switchboards, circuit breakers, switches, insulation detectors, earth-leakage protection, transformers, safety lighting, and fire detection
- Prefabricated busbar trunking, modular switchgear, and final low voltage installation systems
- Network management

Industrial control and automation

Industrial control
- Contactors from 6-2,750A, overload relays, motor circuit breakers, soft starters, variable speed drives, limit switches, inductive and photo-electric sensors, control and signaling units, operator terminals, safety modules, very low voltage power supplies, interfaces, relays, enclosures, and assembly and wiring accessories

Programmable logic controllers
- Programmable logic controllers (PLCs) and PLC platforms
Specialised software, configuration software, programming software, operations support and supervision software, industrial PCs, and communication networks and field buses

Motion control
- Numerical controllers, axis and spindle-motors, and digital positioning devices

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