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Research Periodicals & Book Services Inc. (RPBS)

Research Periodicals & Book Services Inc. (RPBS) is a leading supplier of textbooks, reference books, journal subscriptions and back volumes (including complete sets in both hard copy and microfilm), CD-ROM databases and educational videos from hundreds of renowned publishers around the world. All levels of education and scientific research are covered.

RPBS is known as an excellent resource to librarians and departmental directors at universities, private companies, government-supported institutions and other research-oriented organisations in many countries. We specialise in development projects and have numerous contracts to supply educational material to schools and university libraries around the world. We are proud to be part of the improvement of education efforts in developing nations.

We have five divisions to service the individual needs of our customers:

RPS Research Periodical Services

Back issues, volumes and sets of periodicals in hard copy and on microfilm are supplied in all fields of scientific, technical, medical and other research.

- Hard copy: Our inventory of complete volumes and sets continues to grow - over 10,000 titles are in stock. Special discounts are available on journals from any publisher or society. Discounts on most recent years vary by title. Please enquire. Complete sets are available from first volumes through current or recent years.
- Microfilm: Complete volumes and sets of scientific and technical journals are available on this space-saving medium - over 6,000 titles in stock. Our microfilm prices offer an inexpensive alternative to other sources.

RBS Research Book Services

Books, textbooks, monographs, series and society publications such as conference proceedings published by over 2,000 of the most respected publishers in North America, Europe and around the world are available for all levels of education and scientific, technical, medical and advanced research. In addition, we carry over 40,000 recent titles in stock in subjects such us agricultural sciences, chemistry, engineering, physics, computer science and medicine. Special volume discounts are available to libraries.

RCDS Research CD-ROM Services

Databases in optical compact disks include current awareness data, retrospective citation indexes, as well as directories, encyclopedias, abstracts, reviews and thousands of international journals and proceedings in all sciences with complete bibliographic data, cited references and author abstracts.

Our services include supporting software for all CDs that we supply, along with technical guidance and help on the installation of CD-ROM readers and other computer systems hardware required by your institution.

RVS Research Video Services

A great number of academic courses and research titles are available. Topics include mathematics, English as a second language, agricultural sciences, computer training, medical training, science teaching, etc.

Our videos are very popular among teachers, students and researchers in a variety of fields who commonly use them to either reacquaint themselves with the subject matter or need to relearn new skills and/or prepare for exams, which can affect their careers.

RPSS Research Periodical Subscription Services

Two plans are offered for the delivery of current subscriptions:

The regular subscription service arranges delivery directly to the library from the various publishers. RPSS submits claims to the publisher for any missing issues reported.

The consolidated subscription service plan provides a particularly convenient method of serial management. RPSS receives all journals at its central location and forwards them to the client at regular intervals.

We look forward to receiving your inquiries about the publications you need. Please feel free to contact us whenever we may be of service.

For more information, please visit our website:
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