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ROSEN Inspection Technologies    

You’re in the oil and gas business, so are we. You have to manage complex and sensitive facilities such as pipelines and storage tanks. They must be safe, reliable and economic – day after day, year after year. That’s where we come in. We’re ROSEN, your partner in integrity management for the oil and gas business.

In just over twenty years ROSEN has grown from a one-man business to a worldwide high technology operation that employs almost a thousand people and has inspected over a million kilometres of pipelines.

We are an independent company. That means we can provide you with the service you need with no outside distraction. If the service you require doesn’t exist, we’ll develop it. That’s because we’re working in the present with the future in mind.

ROSEN supports you with services and products to optimise the integrity management of all your facilities, ensuring full operating capacity for the entire life span.

Our organisation is structured around a single proposition: the customer comes first. When you work with ROSEN, you always find us nearby. Just as importantly we go into the field with you, assisting you every step of the way.

Inspection and services

ROSEN’s inspection services and tools are fully customisable to your needs. Our equipment is modular so the individual components can operate independently or be combined to collect the data you need.

We perform inspection services on piggable and unpiggable pipelines, tanks, coiled tubing and other facilities.

Inline inspection

ROSEN operates a complete range of services for the inline inspection of pipelines.

The following services are available:
- Geometry and high resolution geometry inspection using the Electronic Geometry Pig (EGP)
- XYZ mapping using the XYZ module (XYZ)
- Metal loss inspection using the Corrosion Detection Pig (CDP) or the high resolution Axial Flaw Detection Pig (AFD)
- Crack detection and coating inspection with the EMAT Crack Detection tool (ECD)
- Leak detection using the Leak Detection Pig (LDP)
- Pipeline cleaning with our modular Cleaning Pig system (CLP)
- Pig tracking and benchmarking
- Robotic inspection using Robotic Pipe Scanner (RPS) and the Robotic Survey System (RSS)

Plant and other inspection

ROSEN operates a full range of tank inspection services with top quality equipment. Our highly-trained employees are certified in non-destructive testing methods and standards.

Our services are certified to demanding standards such as API 653.

The following Services and Tools are available:
- Tank Bottom Inspection (TBIT) and Miniscanner
- Crawler
- Laser Profiling Service (LPS)
- Coiled Tubing Inspection

Data evaluation

ROSEN’s main product is information based on accurate data. It is important to you - and to us - that the information is always reliable. So we use sophisticated software to provide easy data integration, viewing, reporting, analysis and assessment to give a clear picture of the structural conditions of your facilities.

ROSEN’s line of software consists of the following products:
- ROSOFT for pipelines
- ROSOFT maps
- ROSOFT for tanks

ROSOFT is your indispensable tool for integrity management. It fully supports internal and external compliance with regulations.

Our locations

The ROSEN Group is active in more than 80 countries and present in over 40 countries worldwide. So, wherever you operate your facilities - onshore or offshore - ROSEN can offer you local representation for convenient access to our services. Want to know more? Please feel free to contact us either by phone or email or through any of our regional representatives.

For more information, please visit our website:
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