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ROMELECTRO SA - Generation, transmission and distribution of electric power is our job

ROMELECTRO SA is a private joint stock company benefiting by a large degree of freedom in decision making within the commercial business owing to the fact that it is an autonomous company.

ROMELECTRO SA disposes of a highly qualified staff specialised along the years in concluding and carrying out commercial contracts for important power projects all over the world.

ROMELECTRO SA supplies materials, equipment and complete services for turn-key projects in the field of generation, transmission and distribution of electric power covering a whole range of such services, including studies, design, erection and commissioning.

ROMELECTRO SA covers extra-high, high, medium and low voltage lines, transformers for substations and rural electrification, dams, cooling towers, high chimneys, etc.

In order for you to get a better idea about our activity we would like to let you know that ROMELECTRO SA through its Romanian specialists has performed in Iraq, Iran, Jordan, Egypt, Malaysia, Lebanon, Philippines, Thailand more than 8,000 km of medium to extra-high voltage overhead lines (from 11 kV up to 500 kV) as well as several substations in various countries such as Iraq, Syria, Pakistan, Yemen, Bangladesh, Yugoslavia, India, Egypt, Iran, Morocco, Columbia, successfully solving the problems connected with the long transport distances, the hard climate conditions and area difficulties.

In 1997 ROMELECTRO SA started to supply telecommunication towers in Kuwait, followed by deliveries to domestic GSM network.

Since 1991 we supply highly qualified specialists for operation and maintenance of power plants in Kuwait and United Arab Emirates.

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