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RIG Police Recruit is a specialist nationwide recruitment business, dedicated to providing policing skills to police forces around the world, by establishing and delivering temporary associates (name given to former police officers used by RIG Police Recruit) from a well maintained database.

At the end of last year the Home Office accepted the recommendations of the Policing Bureaucracy Taskforce that it should “establish a database of retired officers to provide additional experienced staff for (police) forces.”

Research has shown that there is a large reservoir of policing skills and experience not currently being used to tackle crime. It has accumulated because many highly capable officers retire at a relatively young age (c51). The current police pay and pension formula creates strong incentives for police officers who have earned their full pension entitlement to leave the force. They often have years of experience and a range of specialist skills that are today lost to the police. The majority of retired and former officers continue working, this demonstrates that they are not only able to work, but they also have the desire to use their experience and probably the need to continue for financial reasons.


The number of potential temporary associates available is significant. Research shows that a typical county police force will see approximately 3.5 per cent of its officers retire each year, creating around 4,000 former officers available nationwide many of who will work abroad. RIG Police Recruit is therefore confident that there is a pool of over 20,000 officers with relevant experience who have retired over the last five years and could be available for temporary placement.

In order to tap into the pool of former officers we identified the need to establish a database of their skills.

Using our in house recruitment and policing skills we have created a database of former officers who are available for immediate temporary placement. At this moment in time we have over 3,000 former officers who are able to be placed in the police service. In addition our nationwide database continues to grow by 100 new associates per month.

Services provided

We provide a one stop service to clients aimed at their specific needs and requirements.

Our database enables us to provide re-active recruitment to fill a need identified by a police force for a vacant or additional skill. We also provide a targeted pro-active approach to identify specialist officers to deal with a forecast need.

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