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PRO PATRIA Plc was established in 1998 and by now it has become one of the most outstanding Hungarian companies in the defence market. The technical competence of our engineers is widely acknowledged in the world as they are developing unique technical solutions to the world's defence market.

The company operates according to the ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and the AQAP 110 quality requirements that are extended - in the field of software development - with AQAP 150.

PRO PATRIA Plc has the leadership, professional skills and expertise to deliver the right solutions to meet our clients’ requirements. We are thinking in systems!

The main projects of PRO PATRIA Plc:

The Mobile Ground Surveillance and Security System (Scout) is one of the base products of PRO PATRIA Plc.

Used efficiently by the Hungarian border guards, tested during combined force protection mission performed by US and Hungarian military forces, the Mobile Ground Surveillance System proved to be one of the most reliable, modern, low maintenance systems in the world for implementing reconnaissance and surveillance tasks. It is in the final stage of preparation to be included in the PM RUS Catalog, which identifies available sources of systems that currently or could potentially meet the US government' s needs.

The MGSSS vehicle may be used for:

a) Area surveillance
b) Detection and identification of targets (human, vehicle) night-time or daytime
c) Recording the results of surveillance on a VHS cassette
d) Determination of the actual co-ordinates of the observed targets and showing their position on a digital map
e) Following automatically the movement of the exposed targets

The Mobile Man Portable Radar (BEAGLE) is a “user friendly” device - based on FMCW principals - for ground surveillance activities. The BEAGLE is more of a sensor system than a portable radar. Due to its built-in GPS and NFD, as well as its vector-map handling capability, it is ideal for border surveillance, battlefield surveillance, airbase security, civilian installation security and combat operations.

One of the core products of our Military Technology division is the Muzzle Velocity Measuring Equipment, a specially designed microwave doppler radar completed with a digital signal-processing unit to meet high accuracy measurements. The application of the apparatus facilitates the realisation of the ballistic preparation tasks with high accuracy and reliability in a shorter time and with less use of ammunition.

The Microwave Tank Level Gauge, a development of the Industrial IT department, is designed for continuous measurement and registering of the level (quantity) of liquid or granular materials stored in tanks. Due to its design it is environment resistant and ensures high (+/- 1 mm) measuring accuracy.

Mobile Radio Surveillance System is another main reference of our company, designed for detection and localisation of interference of the broadcasting stations as well as for controlling the adherence of the allocated frequency parameters.

Upgrading meteorological radar stations located at the three main military airports of Hungary is also an important project in this field of PRO PATRIA.

Security and body guarding service

Offered in cooperation with former members of the Hungarian 'special service’ commandos who
achieved outstanding results on the field of crime detection and chasing, all represent the highest level of knowledge and experience related to:

- Prevention of terrorist acts
- Winding-up of criminal gangs and gunmen groups
- Protection of high ranking officials and projects exposed to possible terrorist attacks
- Settlement and maintenance of order during events and programs with large public

We offer and cover service for: property and value protection, body guarding, project, venue protection, program covering, patrol service on public domain, consultation on law enforcement and safeguarding, planning and deployment of security equipment.

For more information, please visit our website:
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