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PoWoGaz SA

Technology and production capabilities combined with the high intellectual potential of our staff - permanently developed and improved over the 75 year period of our existence - allows water meter factory PoWoGaz SA to offer our customers perfect quality water meters that have received wide recognition both in Poland and abroad.

Implementation of innovative design solutions and modern management methods in compliance with world requirements guarantee our customers a supply of repeatable high parameter products.

Integrated management systems introduced over the last few years have allowed us to combine three inter-related management systems of quality (according to ISO 9001), environment (according to ISO 14 001) and labour safety (according to 14 001) that has made the functioning of those systems much more effective. In order to satisfy the needs of both our customers and employees we have implemented total quality management philosophy on all levels of our activity.

Our efforts have been frequently rewarded with many prizes and much recognition, which inspired further improvement to our product range. We won a gold medal on the General Domestic Exhibition in 1929, secured the “mister of export” title twice (in 1993 and 2000) and won gold medals at the Poznan International Fair for our combined water meter (1998) and vertical impeller shaft water meter (2000). Our advanced position in the market and reliable relations with our customers were proved by the titles of “Reliable Partner `97”and “Fair Play Enterprise”. In 2000 we received the Polish Quality Award in a category of small and medium-sized companies and in 2002 our factory was given a title of “Reliable Company 2002”, with its name added to the “White List” made within the Polish Economy for consumer-related projects.

In 2002, within the confines of European Quality Award competition, the European Foundation for Quality Management in Brussels awarded our Factory a Certificate of 'Recognised for Excellence in Europe'.

However, the above-mentioned achievements did not allow us to neglect our most important goal, which is the satisfaction of our customers and gaining a good reputation for our products.

Water Meter Factory PoWoGaz SA can quote to a customer on almost any type of mechanical water meters for cold and warm water with diameters within 15,500 millimetres that are uniquely designed by our engineers. The water meters designed for hot water are available as volume parts for heat metering in addition. In our product range a customer can find the following meters:

- Vane-wheel single-jet water meters of JS type – DN 15 ¸ 40 mm; B class
- Vane-wheel multi-jet water meters of WS type – DN 15 ¸ 40 mm; B class
- Vane-wheel single-jet water meters of JS type – DN 40 ¸ 80 mm; C class
- Propeller flanged water meters with horizontal impeller axle (Woltman) of MWN (MW) types – DN 50¸ 500 mm; B class
- Propeller flanged water meters with vertical impeller axle of MP-01 type – DN 50 ¸ 100 mm; B class (C class in hot water available)
- Compound water meters of MW/JS-S type with spring valves, designed for measurement of considerably varied flow rates; B class
- Well water meters of MK-01 type designed for deep wells
- Irrigation water meters for watering systems WI, WI-01 and WI-02
- Volume parts for heat meters and heat meters - diameter: 15 - 300 mm, and water meters with Reed-and Opto-contacts designed for remote readout

Water Meter Factory PoWoGaz SA exports its products to as many as 35 countries in western and eastern Europe, Africa, North and South America, and Australia. At present we are looking for some new reliable business partners among Iraqi and worldwide companies interested in common cooperation in the field of rebuilding the Iraqi water infrastructure. It would be most interesting for us to sell products as well as establishing any kind of cooperation in the Iraqi market. We would be pleased to consider any serious proposal for establishing business relationships.

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