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Petrofac - Total facilities solutions

Petrofac designs, builds, operates, finances and co-invests in oil and gas plants, upstream, midstream and downstream.

Our unique combination of capabilities enables us to deliver total facilities solutions to our customers worldwide:

- High-quality project development and engineering services
- Lump sum EPC contract execution
- Operations, maintenance, training and support services
- Co-investment and financing for complete alignment with customers

Applied intelligence - Project development and engineering services

Petrofac’s development planning specialists and project professionals provide customers around the world with development solutions to help them maximise the lifetime value of their oil and gas assets.

Our customers benefit from the added assurance that development plans incorporate Petrofac's collective experience and current data derived from designing, building and operating oil and gas plants around the world.

Petrofac delivers project development solutions for all stages of hydrocarbon production, transportation and processing.

Strength to deliver - Integrated engineering, procurement and construction solutions

As an engineering, procurement and construction specialist with a reputation for quality and safe delivery of fast-track projects in different locations, we provide all the resources for successful project implementation.

Petrofac’s expertise covers oil and gas gathering, processing and transportation in both greenfield and brownfield developments. By tailoring construction planning and detailed schedule activities around specific site conditions, Petrofac provides a differentiated approach and delivers innovative solutions to logistically difficult and technically complex projects.

Our track record includes several hundred projects, from the Russian Arctic to the deserts of North Africa and the Middle East.

Petrofac delivers facilities from wellhead to refinery gate on a lump sum or cost reimbursable basis.

Heart of operations - Operations, maintenance, training and support services

Petrofac is a world leader in contract operation, maintenance, training and support for oil and gas processing facilities, delivering operational performance for customers worldwide.

Our unique track record in transforming the performance of oil and gas production operations allows us to focus on four key themes: developing highly motivated, highly competent teams; achieving total operational safety; delivering asset performance excellence; and ensuring long-term customer satisfaction.

Petrofac provides a comprehensive range of training services - to create lasting value in the communities in which we operate. Focusing on technical, operational and safety performance, Petrofac delivers competent local teams trained to the highest international standards.

Petrofac tailors services and commercial structures to align closely with the customer’s specific operational and performance goals - a differentiated approach which has created many enduring customer relationships. From wellhead to refinery gate, Petrofac provides complete facilities management and training services for the oil & gas industry.

Vision for opportunity - Investment and financing solutions

Petrofac can deliver investment and financing support to projects in which we are providing engineering, construction or operational services.

Guided by our highly skilled team of asset managers and commercial analysts, and backed by strong financial resources, Petrofac invests selectively alongside our customers, developing financing solutions which facilitate project viability, manage project risks and improve alignment. Petrofac also provides facilities to customers on a fully-financed basis or build, operate, transfer (BOT) basis.

Allied to Petrofac’s value-added service capabilities, our innovative financial solutions can significantly improve oil and gas project viability and accelerate project development. Petrofac will invest as a minority partner in development projects and producing properties where our services can create value by containing or reducing design, construction or operational costs. In upstream, midstream and downstream projects, Petrofac invests for alignment alongside our customers.

Petrofac in Iraq

Petrofac’s experience and current contract activities in the Middle East put us in a strong position to secure contracts and develop further relationships.

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