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Petroconsult's activity is directed to the sector of oil and gas, chemical and petrochemical plants, civil and industrial constructions, and is focused on:

Engineering, Design and Project Management for plant rehabilitation and revamping, overall process improvements, energy savings, fire and safety engineering assistance, plant effective life extension, recovery of by-products and environment protection, development and implementation of process control testing procedures, technical-economic and conjuncture aspects, etc.

Technical Consultancy and Assistance, Technical Services and Supply of Romanian Qualified Personnel for plant erection, commissioning, test-run, start-up, daily operation, QA/QC, preventive and routine maintenance for a great diversity of oil extraction and processing, gas treating, chemical and petrochemical plants.

Petroconsult assigns abroad to clients (well-known companies) both its own personnel and specialists selected and hired on a contract basis from state-owned or private Romanian enterprises. Since its foundation, Petroconsult has supplied more than 1,000 skilled specialists of various qualifications, who have provided technical assistance and services for industrial units from the oil and gas sector. The assigned personnel has sound, comprehensive expertise in oil well drilling, service and workover, oil refining and processing, gas production and treatment, chemical and petrochemical processes, crude oil/product storage and transportation, power plants and energy, pipeline systems, environmental facilities, plant retrofitting/revamping, etc.

Marketing and Procurement of a large range of products related to the oil and gas industries, the development of commercial relations with numerous customers in various spheres of activity, from oilfields, chemical and petrochemical works, refineries and oil terminals, to shipyards, research institutes, etc.

Representation and Product Distribution Services for foreign companies in Romania, in fields related to oil and gas extraction and processing, chemistry, biochemistry, petrochemistry, constructions, etc.

Quality inspections, a new field of Petroconsult's activity, developed by our personnel in inspection of materials, sub-assemblies and equipment for refineries, chemical and petrochemical Plants, as well as for the drilling plants in the oil and gas field. In the last two years our inspectors have been involved in more than 150 days of such quality inspections for materials, sub-assemblies and equipment for foreign clients. All inspections have been carried out in accordance with the provisions of ASME, ASTM, API, and other codes and standards by very skilled quality inspectors.

In 1999 Petroconsult was certified by Lloyd’s Register Quality Assurance to the Quality Management System Standards ISO 9001:19942000, EN ISO 9001:2000, BS EN ISO 9001:2000, and SR EN ISO 9001:200; applicable to: project management, design, trade, services and associated activities for refineries, chemical plants and petrochemical plants.

At present, Petroconsult is oriented towards extending its activities as a sub-contractor and contractor for technologies and plants related to oil and gas processing, chemistry and petrochemistry.

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