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Our company, which was established in 1963 assumed the manufacturing, installation and after sales service on gasoline service stations equipment in 1972, when the automotive industry developed in Turkey, Petes started to supply equipment also assumed the after sales service of Renault, Tofas (Fiat), Mercedes, BMW, Toyota, Mitsubishi, Ford, Mazda and other car producers and at present Petes continue successfully on a large scale to operate efficiently in this field.

Petes had always signed the preludes in the industry, since its foundation in 1963. Besides being the first company serving in garage equipments industry in Turkey, Petes, with its producer position, had always improved serving quality by innovative studies.

The company first began to produce hydraulic lifts which were the term's needs and also produced underground gas tanks for the petrol companies in parallel to improvements in the petrol industry.

Production of surface lifts started right after the first investments in automotive industry in partnership with Renault and Fiat. Through the demands of the developing industry and the market, the company started to manufacture lubrication equipments starting with oil and grease pumps and hose reels.

Petes started to assemble air compressors in 1988 in Turkey, which were imported from Italy beforehand. With the speeding up of competition by 1990 and later, Petes started a new company, OSE, which was to be the distribution arm of many esteemed European companies. As a result Petes increased its product scale and became such a company that serves from A to Z in garage equipments.

Petes qualified to get ISO 9001-2000 certificate by the year 2001. The company is proud of manufacturing international standardized products with innovative works which started in 1960's and still continuing.

Petes started moving to its Kemerburgaz fabriques step by step, In the present time Petes continues manufacturing in Kemerburgaz factory. The aim of Petes is to continue the manufacturing process which started firstly as a small workshop in its Kemerburgaz factory in the 1960s and to aid the Turkish economy.

The main Petes products as well as other items produced and supplied are as follows:

- Hydraulic inground vehicle lifts for washing and oiling
- Semi hydraulic/3 tons, 5 tons, 8 tons, 15 tons and 20 tons lifting capacity
- Full hydraulic/3 tons, 5 tons, 8 tons, 15 tons and 20 tons lifting capacity

Surface lifts:
- Two post lifts/2.5 tons, 3 tons, 3.5 tons and 5 tons lifting capacity, available in two models, one is with a base (chain transmission) and the other is without a base (electronic syncronisation).
- Four post lifts/3.5 tons, 4 tons, 6 tons, 8 tons, 10 tons, 20 tons as electro hydraulic, 16 tons and 20 tons four post electro mechanic type lifts are available.
- Six post lifts/24 tons, 32 tons as electro mechanic.
- Scissor type service and Wheel alignment lifts/4 tons, 6 tons, 10 tons, 20 tons lifting capacity.
- Low profile electro hydraulic scissor lift/2,5 tons lifting capacity.

Other equipments manufactured by Petes:
- Platform truck and trailer mounted lubrication systems
- Lubrication reels and pumps
- Scissor type lifting platforms
- Lubrication accessories
- Hydraulic/pneumatic jacks
- Air compressors

Petes acts as a supplier of full garage equipment range through importation or local manufacturers. Petes’s main customers are international oil distrubution companies, OEM companies and automative importers in Turkey.

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