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Parsons Peebles Machines Ltd    

Parsons Peebles is a leading worldwide supplier of high voltage motors and generators, specialising in the design of motors and generators for applications in the power generation and oil, gas and petrochemical industries.

Parsons Peebles provides outstanding service solutions for any make of high voltage electrical rotating machinery and its associated equipment all over the world.

We manufacture a wide range of high voltage rotating machinery, both motors and generators.

Our range of motors is extensive and includes:

Asynchronous (induction) motors
Output up to 25 000 kW dependent on speed, Voltage up to 15 000 V Frequency 50 or 60 Hz

Synchronous motors
Parsons Peebles synchronous motors are custom made high efficiency machines developed to optimise your results, with outputs of up to 50 000 kW.

Low starting current motors
Parsons Peebles is a world leader in the supply of low starting current motors. These have been supplied for all applications with starting currents as low as 2.7 times full load current.

Low noise level motors
We supply low noise level motors with the following features:
- Aerodynamically designed attenuators. 68 dB(A) 4 860 kW
- 4 Pole CACA 1 490 rev/min 11000/3/50 Induction Motor
- Environmentally friendly

Our full generator range includes:

2 pole generators
The outputs range from 10 000 to 150 000 kVA and the product can be used with a comprehensive variety of driver packages including steam turbines and single and combined cycle gas turbine. Voltage up to 15 000 V, Frequency 50 or 60 Hz

4 pole generators
Our range of four pole generators with outputs from 5 000 to 65 000 kVA is highly efficient and of robust construction.

Hydro generators
We provide a custom designed range of Hydro-Generators in outputs up to
25 000 kVA

Diesel generators
Our diesel driven generators, with outputs up to 25 000 kVA satisfy the customer’s highest expectations and requirements in the diesel power field

We also build light weight generators for mobile power systems and skid mounted generator systems.

All Parsons Peebles services come with benefits you would expect of an internationally respected manufacturer and service provider.

We offer a "One Stop Shop" solution for any make of high voltage electrical rotating machinery and its associated equipment.

Our objective is to maximise customer benefits with competitive lead-times and attractive pricing, complete with the security of an OEM warranty.

Our services are supported by highly trained Chartered Engineers with extensive design and field experience.

The range of services include:

- Worldwide operations through local facilities and partnerships
- Long term service agreements/maintenance packages
- Project management
- Repair, rewind and refurbishment
- Load testing
- Site operations
- Spare parts

For more information, please visit our website:
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