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Ortho-Clinical Diagnostics - Providing a better service to doctors and patients

Ortho-Clinical Diagnostics, a Johnson & Johnson company, is a leading provider of laboratory diagnostics and blood screening products to assist critical decisions by healthcare professionals, including early detection or diagnosis of disease. The company provides high quality innovative diagnostic reagents, automated systems and services for blood grouping, virology, clinical chemistry and immunodiagnostics. Its in-vitro diagnostic products are widely used in hospital laboratories, commercial clinical laboratories, blood transfusion and screening centres throughout the world.

The company has a leading position in the following important areas:

Transfusion medicine
- Blood screening: development of instrumentation, system and reagents for hepatitis and HIV to screen and ensure the safety of blood supply
- Immunohaematology: development of instrumentation and reagent systems that assure patient and donor compatibility in blood transfusions

Clinical laboratories
- Clinical chemistry: patented dry-slide technology and systems for use in in-vitro diagnostic testing. The company offers a broad menu covering acute care, basic metabolites, classical chemistries, special chemistries, proteins, toxicology and therapeutic drug monitoring tests.
- Immunodiagnostics: enhanced chemiluminescence technology and systems offering immunoassay testing capabilities across menu categories of thyroid function, reproductive endocrinology, cardiology, anaemia, metabolism, oncology and infectious diseases.

Through its development work in these areas the company can claim to have transformed the way that blood banks and clinical laboratories perform testing.

New products in 2004

Ortho-Clinical Diagnostics has announced the availability of two major new diagnostic systems, the VITROS 5,1FS Chemistry System for routine and special clinical chemistry testing and the Ortho AutoVue Innova System for blood typing and blood donor compatibility testing. Both systems set new standards in ease of use and result integrity and traceability, making them well suited to the modern laboratory where increased staff productivity and safety and security of result reporting are fundamental requirements.

The VITROS 5,1FS Chemistry System combines two unique technologies, Micro-Slideä and MicroTipä Chemistries, to provide an extensive routine and special clinical chemistry testing menu, on a random access platform which is truly walk-away. Both reagent presentation and the mode of operation are simplicity itself. In addition, Intellicheckä Technology, a verification system that monitors both sample quality and test processes, ensures worry-free result reporting. This combination of operational ease of use and system surveillance is designed to minimise unnecessary repeats, re-draws and corrected reports, thereby controlling costs by ensuring the highest patient reportable result efficiency.

In the area of Immunohaematology the new Ortho AutoVue Innova is a leading-edge fully walk-away automated blood grouping and phenotyping system designed to minimise transfusion risk to the patient. The system reflects the same philosophy seen with the VITROS 5,1FS System with ease of use and safety and security of result being paramount.

The Ortho AutoVue Innova user needs only to programme the test menu via an easy-to-use touch screen, load the samples and walk away. It offers fully automated sampling and processing, cassette handling and centrifugation, reading and electronic interpretation to provide fast result turnaround times for the routine blood bank.

The company maintains facilities in the UK, USA, Canada, Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Scandinavia, Spain, Australia, Japan and Singapore.

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