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Orex Computed Radiography -
Compact and affordable mobile radiography solutions

Orex Computed Radiography manufactures and markets a growing line of compact, affordable, versatile and mobile computed radiography (CR) solutions. Whilst helping to meet the complex needs of hospitals in the US and other advanced nations, these qualities also make the Orex product line ideally suited to the healthcare needs of developing nations such as Iraq.

Digital x-ray has obvious advantages in this setting, eliminating the need for film developing, darkrooms and chemicals, as well as saving time. Moreover, a traditional medical unit may lack a radiologist and the expertise to read more complex studies on site. Digital images provide the possibility of remote reading.

However, traditional DR and CR devices are bulky, fragile and expensive. They are not a good fit in such a setting. The harsh desert climate can wreak havoc on fragile digital x-ray components, potentially leaving medical providers without access to radiology studies. In developing nations, hospitals are often small and mobile, providing traveling medical services throughout a region. Moreover, fast acquisition speed and the capability to handle high patient throughout is key in Iraq as traveling medical units may treat hundreds of patients in only a few short days.

Orex‘s distributed CR (D-CR) solution overcomes these problems. The company’s cost-effective D-CR solutions, including the new ACLxy, may be placed anywhere images are acquired - mobile hospital, battlefield, ER, RAD room. ACLxy produces extremely high quality mobile images. However, with Orex, high quality is not synonymous with high price. In fact, Orex produces images that are superior or comparable to centralised CR systems costing three to five times the price.

Equally important in challenging environments such as Iraq is the ACLxy’s compact footprint and lightweight frame. This solution is 50 per cent smaller than previous generation products, making it an ideal technology for the mobile medical units typical in developing countries. At the same time, the durable ACLxy can also withstand the rigours of the harsh desert elements. Traveling hospitals can also deploy Orex’s new space-saving mobile cart to facilitate mobility and create integrated ‘plug-and-scan’ mobile technology.

Last year, the US Army recognised the valuable role D-CR could play on the Iraqi battlefield and purchased 76 Orex systems for use in the country at war. These systems allowed medical personnel to immediately assist those injured in battle by providing diagnostic x-ray studies in digital format. With the Orex systems, the Army took x-rays on the battlefield, obtained digital images, burned them to a CD and sent the CD back with the patient to a field hospital. The Orex units accelerated the diagnosis process and eliminated the need for film and chemicals in a battlefield environment.

Despite the war’s end, Iraq’s medical needs remain quite similar to those under battle conditions. With Orex D-CR, medical staff at a makeshift or mobile hospital can acquire digital images for diagnosis, facilitating rapid, patient-centred treatment and care.

As patients are moved from local mobile hospitals to larger centralised hospitals, Orex D-CR once again streamlines care. Digital studies can be routed over Internet communications lines to a central hospital, allowing the medical staff to better prepare to treat the incoming patient. Digital transmission also eliminates the possibility of lost studies, which can greatly compromise patient care and cost valuable treatment time. Images can also be burned onto CD.

Recently Orex underscored its commitment to low-cost, adaptable radiology solutions and introduced a broad array of accessories. Many of these are ideally suited for the Iraqi environment. For example, special advanced bone densitometry, orthopedic long-bone, radiation therapy and mammography configurations allow resource-strapped medical facilities to maximise their investment in Orex D-CR. These advanced configurations also allow Orex customers to provide patients with comprehensive radiology services.

Its portability, affordability and durability certainly make ACLxy D-CR the best solution for any demanding environment.

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