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OmniTOP Ltd    

OmniTOP Ltd is an international trade and marketing company focusing on the global distribution of a broad spectrum of unique and high quality products. Based in Israel, with representatives worldwide, OmniTOP's customers benefit from both excellent products and personal service.

Our goal is to bring together innovative and creative manufacturers with distributors, retailers, governments and public service providers around the world. From the moment a potential product is recognised, OmniTOP establishes a unique business strategy that is advantageous for its potential market. We approach each market with efficiency and speed, ensuring superiority and product recognition.

Experience in the fields of global trade, advertising, law and intelligence grants us an understanding of the world that is unparalleled. A multi-lingual staff with a profound understanding of cultural differences and their implications make OmniTOP a strong force in the global market.

Confidence in our products and suppliers and a broad vision for the future enable us to accomplish goals rapidly, efficiently and professionally. Our commitment is to excellence, with absolute dedication and accountability to all of our customers.

Our escape masks are designed to save lives in the event of a fire, terrorist attack or disaster. Each mask allows a person in the vicinity of such an event to gain up to 15 minutes - precious time - to escape a life-threatening situation or save others. The different versions of the mask protect against smoke, toxic gases, chemicals or biological/chemical weapons.

Our escape masks are ideal for rescue services, first responders and the average citizen. Each mask is compact in size and able to be carried in a briefcase, attached to a belt or carried in a pocket. The mask is contained in a vacuum-sealed package, easily opened and easily applied over the head, securing comfortably around the neck and allowing maximum vision and protection for a quick escape.

An SI ISO 9001 certified manufacturer produces the escape masks.

Every mask has a transparent visor, allowing for vision without disturbing the eyes, a filter specific to the area or industry in question and a hood that is temperature resistant to 200ºC/392ºF and fire-resistant to the requirements of NFPA 701.

The Maskito mask offers protection from toxic or hazardous agents in the air. It offers security to homeowners, workers in skyscrapers, hotels, trains, airplanes, ships, fire or security personnel and the oil industry.

The Kimi mask is ideal for use during a chemical spill. It protects against organic gases and vapours with a boiling point higher than 65ºC/149ºF degrees, Sulfur Dioxide and other acidic gases and vapours, certain inorganic gases and vapours and Ammonia and its derivatives. The KIMI mask is excellent for the chemical industry, transportation of chemicals (tractor-trailers or trains), people living in the area of a chemical plant and first-responders or fire departments.

The Cembayo mask offers protection from areas of low concentrations of chemical/biological agents. Those in the periphery of an attack would be given vital minutes to escape the danger zone of a terrorist attack. First-responders would be able to apply the mask to civilians in the danger zone as well, allowing for a safer evacuation.

The Cogo mask is a personal respiratory protective device with visor, hood and built-in filter for escape from fire. It protects against smoke and CO (Carbon Monoxide) inhalation and is ideal for fire personnel and the oil industry.

Our relationships are built on trust and transparency. We know that our customers depend on us - and we are therefore obligated to our customers. That is why we, OmniTOP, strive for excellence the world over.

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