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Odin Security Services Ltd    

The demand for specialist security companies to provide high risk security and consultancy services in exceptional circumstance in countries such as Iraq has increased greatly.

Odin Security Services Ltd was formed by its experienced founders in 2003 to provide high risk protection specialists to clients who have a vested interest in high risk and volatile countries. From the outset Odin Security Services Ltd has worked alongside clients to formulate and implement all security procedures including travel arrangements and threat assessment before arrival and throughout the duration of the contract.

Odin Security Services Ltd has gained a wealth of experience by working in volatile and hostile countries such as Iraq, Sudan, Uganda, Nigeria, Sierra Leone, Angola, Russia and a number of other former Eastern block countries.

Odin Security Services Ltd is able to offer our clients the following services:

Executive protection
All our operatives are highly trained, experienced in high risk assignments and vetted; we are able to provide individuals or teams on short or long term contracts.

Convoy security
We are able to offer security for convoys for all our clients’ requirements, this is a cost effective service, we are able to offer overnight stops in secure accommodation.

Threat/risk assessment
Odin Security Services Ltd is able to offer in depth threat/risk assessments for new clients wishing to invest in high risk countries or for those who are already on location and wish to improve their security and safety.

We are also able to offer the following services:

- Special security training
- Security management
- Risk assessment
- Crisis management

Odin Security Services Ltd works within the confines and defined requirements of the former Coalition Provisional Authority (CPA Document: DABVO1 – 03 – R – 0011). These requirements serve as a good operating guideline for all security companies to operate and comply with. Odin Security Services Ltd is also registered as an approved company with the Security Industry Authority and ASIS.

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