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Objective Team Ltd

Objective Team Ltd provides hostile environmental safety training for professionals deploying to Iraq. The company was formed by former UK special forces soldiers with extensive international security expertise to assist corporate clients to deliver their "duty of care" to employees and to prepare them for overseas assignment. Objective’s aim is to provide those clients operating in today’s global hostile environment with the best safety awareness training and advice.

The service

Hostile environment safety training prepares individuals and teams for assignments to hazardous or immediate post-conflict zones. Subjects include:

- Situational awareness and personal security
- Accommodation security
- Trauma first-aid and field hygiene
- Off-road driving and vehicle maintenance
- Negotiating checkpoints - both for coalition forces and militia
- Navigation
- Emotional trauma and post-traumatic stress disorder
- Kidnap avoidance and survival
- Mines and booby-trap awareness
- Weapons effects and surviving ambush*

Courses are of 1-5 days duration, either at Objective UK facilities or client locations globally. During 20002/2003 we ran a series of training courses for construction companies and media teams (print and TV) deploying to Iraq. As a member of the BCCB we understand the importance of ensuring that company personnel remain safe whilst on assignment. Every course is tailored to the specific assignment and operating environment and therefore we will adapt our course to meet our clients’ specific needs for Iraq.

The principles

Underpinning Objective safety awareness training lies the premise that, whenever possible, it is better to avoid trouble than have to extricate from it. Our teaching mantra, therefore, is ‘READE’:

Recognise the signs from what’s going on around you - enabling you to…
Evaluate the situation and judge what’s happening or may be about to happen - so that you can…
Avoid dangers and confrontations - or…
Defuse them so they don’t escalate further - in order to…
Extract yourself and your colleagues: to walk away unharmed

Clients include UK construction companies, media groups, financial sector and NGOs.

By utilising Objective, you protect:

- Your people
- Your product
- Your reputation

*Uniquely, includes live firing demonstrations on UK Army ranges.

For more information, please visit our web sites:
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