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CIS Ltd was incorporated in 1995, based in Egham in the United Kingdom. The company is a leading provider of real-time operation intelligence through it’s branded product offering ‘Nomadtrack’, which is a utility IT application focused on real-time operational management of equipment and personnel. The company has combined significant technical prowess with strong first to market product offerings.

Product and service offerings - all companies are constantly looking at how they can reduce costs and add value to their businesses. Adopting Utility IT applications can deliver on both accounts. Nomadtrack makes extensive use of the Internet and mobile operator networks to deliver real-time data. Nomadtrack’s design allows the flexible use of asset identifiers ranging from barcodes to the latest in RFID technology, combined with user access via web-browsers and mobile phones. Nomadtrack takes operational equipment management to a different level.

Nomadtrack will capture and manipulate data at point of use and financially account for equipment inventory. Using Nomadtrack will speed up business process, create efficiency and productivity gains. The day to day use of Nomadtrack means the product can generate dynamic operational intelligence, allows instant cross location/site benchmarking, reduces costs and uncovers significant value through accounting for losses and operational status of equipment on-line.

Utility IT – This technology refers to the ability to deliver company functions via the Internet. The products run as fast as if they were on your desktop and there is a strong emphasis on security and reliability. The systems are pay as you go. Customers get excellent value as per item billing means they do not support costly infrastructure only that part they actually use.

Nomadtrack approach

Nomadtrack will provide its utility application either direct to end-users or via channel sales or 3rd party user agreements. The product offerings are proving highly attractive with clients. Billing is per item month and easily managed and recovered. Nomadtrack offers a high quality of service based on industry best practices, minimum banking level security and reliability currently delivering 99.98 per cent availability. The product offerings are proving highly attractive with clients renewing their contracts or expanding the usage of Nomadtrack within their organisation.

Target Markets - Nomadtrack is being sold into the Public Safety Sector, with clients covering UK Police Forces and Fire Services, inspection and service management companies, telecommunication operators, logistics companies, security organisations and the call centre market.

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