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NetStar Technologies    

Company name: NetStar Technologies
Type of company: Vendor neutral global multimedia communications service provider and DoD government contractor
Primary business focus: Networking, communications and connectivity
Services provided: Comprehensive array of data, fax, voice, and video communications services

Focus products, solutions and professional/technical services include the following disciplines:

- Bridging, routing, switching, gateway and wireless technology
- HSM, mass storage, NAS, RAID, SAN and System back-up/recovery technology
- Client server technology
- Computer and network systems security
- Computer telephony integration
- Cluster and supercomputing technology
- Environmental controls, line conditioning, surge suppression and UPS
- Internetworking and intranetworking
- LAN, WAN, and enterprise connectivity in Linux, Microsoft Windows 9x/NT/2000/XP, IBM AIX, SCO Unix, Sun Solaris and other Unix environments
- Laptop PCs, portable PCs, desktop PCs, servers and workstations
- Multimedia communications involving analog, ISDN, DSL, Frame Relay, DS0-DS3 Leased Line, ATM, OC-n SONET, microwave radio, free space optical, and one way/two way broadband satellite services

Primary customer markets

Banking and finance
Education (public and private)
Government Agencies (local, state and federal)
Military organisations
Oil and gas
Public safety
Public utilities
Real estate
Retail sales
Small business, SOHO and remote workers
Travel and transportation

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