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Mushriqui Consulting    

Mushriqui Consulting’s mission is to accommodate governmental and multi-national institutions with the ultimate protection disregarding of the political, economical and security circumstances.

Mushriqui Consulting has been especially active in the supply of security products and personal protective equipment such as Armored Vehicles, Armored Personal Carriers, Gun Trucks, Armored Helmets, Armored Vests, and several other security products. Our most recent achievement is the trust the Program Contracting Office has put into our ability to deliver under pressure with an Indefinite quantity contract for the supply of Armored Personal Carriers, in such a sensitive time in Iraq’s future. Our other achievements in Iraq entails working hand in hand with The Coalition Provisional Authority of Iraq, The Iraq Project and Contracting Office, also Multi-National Security Transition Command - Iraq, Joint Contracting Command, Iraqi Ministry Of Interior, Iraqi Ministry Of Defense, Iraqi Ministry Of Justice, and several departments of the US Army as a prime contractor.

The company’s first contract in Iraq was a $15 Million Contract for the supply of bullet proof vests to the Iraqi Police, within a short period our prompt and quality service was recognized and the company’s reputation was escalating in between major competitors which resulted in more contracts. Mushriqui Consulting evolved to become a supplier that the end user trusted with a 3 year Indefinite Quantity Contract for the supply of Armored Vehicles which values over $20 million as of today and will expire in 2007. Our most recent achievement is the trust Program Contracting Office has put into our ability to deliver under pressure with a Indefinite quantity contract for the supplied of Armored Personal Carrier.

MC’s job on this Indefinite Quantity Contract was to place US Mission to Iraq staff, as well as government figures in a position of safety so that they may continue to accomplish their mission with the least threat to their lives. This was accomplished by delivering prior to our deadline quality vehicles that surpassed the minimum requirements but fulfilled what we would allow any MC employee to drive in if their life was on the line. Our unique performance accompanied by our prompt sales-follow up and friendly customer service, authorities in Iraq recognized the reliability they receive through our service in an extremely volatile environment and issued 10 other contracts as of today.

Unlike most contractors Mushriqui Consulting does not fulfill sales quotas for certain manufacturers, but they are there to serve their end user in order to fulfill their need in any form or manner in a timely fashion with the highest quality solution at the most competitive price in the market. Each end user has specific needs and we customize our solution to accommodate that need; which starts from the price and budget allocated by the end user to the delivery time and last but not least the protection provided.

As we have came to succeed with the largest buyer in the world (The US Government) we are working to expand our sales and distribution into the entire Middle East & North Africa region as a first phase. Supplying life saving products calls for a very high ethical standards in raw material sourcing, manufacturing, quality control, prompt delivery, maintenance in war zones, and after sales follow up. The reason we believe its beneficial to have a direct relationship with End Users or their purchasing agents is due to our belief in our service, experience, and capabilities of supplying life saving products. We have saved lives of VIPs, Ministers, Presidents, Civilians, and Soldiers, hence we know the importance of supplying a quality product in a prompt manner.

All the governmental entities have tested and repeatedly purchased orders from MC due to quality life saving products that we supply. Some of the departments that have purchased from us security and safety life saving equipment and accessories were Iraq’s Ministry of Interior’s: Counter Terrorism Special Operations, Department of Border Enforcement, Counter Terrorism Special Operations Dignitary Protection Services, TIPS Academy; Ministry of Transportation; US Army, Task Force Shield; Iraqi Department of Defense; Iraqi Military, Foreign Embassies, Security Companies, NGOs, and many more.

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