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MRO Software

MRO Software is the leading provider of strategic asset management solutions. The MAXIMO integrated suite of applications optimises performance, improves productivity and service levels, and enables asset-related sourcing and procurement across the entire spectrum of strategic assets.

Through its asset management solutions, customers can manage the complete lifecycle of strategic assets including planning, procurement, deployment, tracking, maintenance and retirement - improving production reliability, labour efficiency, material optimisation, software license compliance, lease management, warranty and service management, and provisioning across the asset base.

MRO Software is a global company based in Bedford, Massachusetts, US, with approximately 900 employees, 10,000 customers and more than 260,000 end-users. The company markets its products through a direct sales organisation in combination with a network of international distributors and has sales offices throughout North America, Europe, Asia Pacific and Latin America.

Strategic asset management

Every company has critical assets - assets that have a direct and significant impact on corporate performance and profitability. It is a company's assets that create competitive advantage and earnings. If your company is not getting the maximum from its asset base, you are leaving opportunity on the table.

No one knows more about asset management than MRO Software. Thirty years of experience have built a deep understanding of the unique needs of different asset classes and the unique needs of the different businesses that deploy them.

Until now, managing assets from an enterprise perspective has been impossible. Different assets have distinct management needs, resulting in a patchwork of systems that make a corporation's assets all but invisible at the executive level.

MRO Software has a single suite of solutions that addresses the needs of all assets - production, fleet, facilities and IT - that organisations have. It makes assets visible and makes it possible to manage them for strategic benefit and bottom-line impact.

Strategic asset management is how companies can maximise the performance of individual assets, from robotic equipment to dorm rooms, from aircraft to IT infrastructure. It is how companies can drive benchmarking, best practices and quality programs, and how a single system can provide asset information to drive capital investment decisions and enable companies to optimise the performance of all critical assets for corporate benefit.


MRO Software is committed to providing solutions to meet the unique needs of different industries when it comes to managing their strategic assets. Whether you are managing fleets of steamships or laptops, the production of cars or corn chips, miles of pipelines or acres of a military base, MRO Software has a set of solutions tailored to managing the assets vital to your business.

MAXIMO 5 helps companies in asset intensive industries increase their return on assets while decreasing their operational costs, including the costs of transacting with their suppliers.

MAXIMO MainControl provides customers with the physical, contractual and financial information required to track and manage IT assets efficiently through their entire lifecycle, reducing the cost of provisioning and maintaining IT assets, mitigating the risk of compliance with contracts and facilitating more effective IT planning.

Interoperability solutions - Enterprises today are focused on operational and procedural efficiencies that will make them more competitive and responsive across the board. They require business systems that will address their business needs efficiently, adapt to business needs or environment changes and will collaborate within their enterprise and with their partners and customers.

Procurement solutions - Enable MAXIMO customers to expand the benefits they receive from MAXIMO's asset, work and inventory management capabilities by delivering integrated modules for automating material requisitioning, procurement and supplier relationship management processes.

Supplier solutions - Deliver a broad range of electronic commerce capabilities for industrial suppliers of all sizes. Suppliers receive the benefits of one easy connection to many different buyers and buying systems from a single, comprehensive, outsourced solution without having to incur the costs associated with in-house resources (people, hardware and software).

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