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MineTech Group    

MineTech Group has operated at the forefront of international mine clearance since 1983.

In that time, MineTech demining teams, procedures and practices have gained international recognition. The company has cleared anti-tank mines, anti-personnel mines and other unexploded ordnance from more than 215 million square metres of land in 18 different countries. Acknowledged worldwide for efficiency, MineTech is appointed as sole contractor to the UN in delivering the organisation’s emergency Rapid Response demining programmes. As a result, MineTech teams have been deployed in southern Iraq since May 2003 and have cleared more than 2,500,000 m2 of suspect and contaminated land along with a number of munitions storage facilities as part of the reconstruction activity, managing our own logistics and security.

As well as playing a major role in support of humanitarian agencies, MineTech is regularly called upon by the oil, mining and construction industries to clear areas of ground in advance of exploration or start-up activities.

MineTech International

MineTech International are recognised as one of the world’s leading mine clearance contractors. With experience in mine detection and clearance, MineTech has unrivalled knowledge in the implementation and management of integrated mine clearance solutions. The service and support MineTech provides enables countries ravaged by years of conflict to rid themselves of the remnants of war, landmines and unexploded ordnance.

MineTech owns and operates all components of the mine action toolbox – mechanically assisted mine clearance, mine detection dogs and manual clearance. We have trained more than 1,000 deminers for land and underwater demining operations. MineTech has invested in its own specialist facility for breeding and training demining dogs in Pretoria. Mine dogs are used for locating and pinpointing where a mine is positioned and also play an important part in verification and quality checking areas of cleared land. We own a comprehensive range of mechanical ground preparation vehicles, delivering the most appropriate solutions and systems to deal with a range of different terrains and mine threats. This results in improved speed, efficiency, cost effectiveness and greater safety for manual clearers. These assets, along with all the necessary logistic support and equipment can be deployed all over the world at short notice and our demining teams active within hours of arrival.

MineTech also manages and executes underwater explosive ordnance survey and disposal. MineTech can detect, classify, identify and dispose of all underwater unexploded ordnance in all types of environmental conditions, with a strategy based on safety, efficiency, cost and speed.

MineTech Security

MineTech Security was developed as a result of MineTech International operating in many post conflict countries. MineTech Security develops protection strategies to suit each operational situation of organisations working in areas where there is a threat to the personnel. The military expertise and background of many of MineTech’s key personnel provide the security division with the proficiency required to offer a complete security service. MineTech Security has its own, specially designed, ultra-light aircraft that are used as a convoy escort and to provide an outer cordon to static security operations. MineTech Security also uses security dogs specifically trained and bred at the MineTech Dog School as part of the security team.

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