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How healthy is your Iraq reconstruction bid?

If your company is looking to deliver any of the Iraqi reconstruction schemes, you’ll know that your ability to deliver high quality and effective self-sustaining on-site medial and emergency life support care are key factors influencing the success of your bid.

A British company with years of specialist experience in remote site medical care,'s online medical procurement system offers a one-stop solution for the supply of pharmaceuticals, medical equipment, consumables and portable clinic buildings to Iraq. It’s a system that’s already proving an effective outsourcing solution for many of the organisations currently tasked by the Iraq Project and Contracting Office (PCO).

Everything you need for a life support plan
Using a proven template facility, medekit enables you to identify the exact medical inventory needed for any given remote site project, an internationally recognised standard list of equipment that can be used both to equip a full clinic and as a basis for maintaining ongoing stocks and supplies.

Peace of mind procurement guarantees each item for its suitability in remote environments, from compatibility with freighting and storage to safety and performance in the key areas of interactions, side effects and quality.

Rapid response
We aim to ship most standard products within days of order., a specialist pharmaceutical and medical equipment supplier, has created an internet purchasing system to support organisations with a responsibility for ensuring adequate medical facilities for their employees in remote site, third world or hazardous locations. procurement solutions have proven successful in supporting companies that are working in countries such as Iraq, Sudan, Algeria, Albania, Egypt and Yemen.

Solving an everyday problem in a critical application area within oil and gas exploration and construction,’s comprehensive on-line ordering system offers peace of mind. gives online access to a substantial catalogue of medical products, each one selected for their suitability in challenging and remote site environments, their compatibility with freighting and storage and their safety and performance in the key areas of interactions, side effects and quality.

A unique formulary service can be used to identify exactly what equipment and drugs are needed for a specific remote clinic or medical facility, translating a key health and safety requirement into a final inventory specification. It takes account of factors such as size and type of operation and any specific risks associated with location and has reference to industry regulations and standards of good practice.

This online ordering and formulary service are currently providing an essential link in the supply chain for many of the organisations tasked by the PCO in the reconstruction of Iraq. Whole clinics have been delivered to Iraq by medekit to support teams working on reconstruction projects in and around Baghdad. A variety of other ad hoc pharmaceuticals and medical supplies have been ordered online and shipped to the region within days of order, a timetable achieved for most standard medekit products.

As well as supplying all necessary medical supplies, medekit can also deliver the specialist clinic buildings required to house them. medekit’s clinic buildings are manufactured in Dubai. Tailor-designed for any requirement size, they are self-contained, stand-alone units, complete with furnishings, toilets, showers, sinks and other equipment already in place for immediate connection to local facilities.

Once an initial inventory is established, medekit’s system provides an efficient means to manage the re-supply of remote facilities, by combining the flexibility of remote site ordering with the controls and needs of a central purchasing department. Supplies and equipment can be shipped direct to the destination country or co-ordinated into an organisation’s internal distribution system. If required, the whole service can be integrated with traditional procurement systems.

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