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Logistics Plus    

Logistics Plus was established in 1996 to manage the freight logistics for GE Transportation Systems in Erie, Pennsylvania. Since that time Logistics Plus has grown into a business with more than 200 customers, managing over $250 million in global freight for small, medium and large-sized companies.

Today, Logistics Plus is a global company with over 100 employees worldwide and offices in nine countries, offering a full range of logistic services tailored to meet the individual needs of our customers.

Logistics Plus and Iraq reconstruction

Logistics Plus has a special division dedicated to the management and delivery of project cargo for clients such as General Electric, Babcock Power and other large companies. We become personally involved in each transaction in order to ensure timely and on-budget completion of all transportation.

In 2004 we have focused on reconstruction cargo to Iraq. Our trademark “passion for excellence” requires that we anticipate any potential situation associated with performing logistics functions in a war zone. To date we have managed over £3 million of cargo via air and ocean freight into Iraq via Jordan, Dubai and Kuwait.

The keys to success in this volatile region are 1) creative, cost-saving approaches to freight movement; 2) constant vigilance and communication during each movement; and 3) subcontractor/partners within the region who share our sense of urgency and dedication.

Logistics Plus prides itself on its ability to quickly adapt to changing circumstances. Together with our partners in the region, we have formed a formidable team to move CPA cargo. They have been so pleased with our efforts that they have placed us on their list of preferred logistics providers for the region.

Previous experience

Logistics Plus offers LCL, FCL, break-bulk, part-charter, full air charter and expedited freight services. Here are just a few examples or recent shipments:

1. Partial air charter of over £1 million of over-dimensional freight within a six-week period, from the US into Kuwait, then via truck to northern Iraq. The targeted completion date was 30 June 2004 - all material was actually delivered by 28 June 2004.

2. Three break-bulk ocean freight shipments of 60 to 75-ton generators and auxiliary equipment from Malaysia to Baghdad via Kuwait. This extremely oversize freight was a challenge to move inland, but the first consignment delivered without incident (the two latter shipments are still in transit).

There is no project that we cannot handle, and we have won contracts over much larger competitors. The reason for this is simple: we are small enough to care about absolutely every detail of every shipment, and it shows in the execution. We have received high praise from the CPA and our clients (see references) for our exceptional performance.

Whether from Western or Central Europe, the Pacific Rim, South America or Africa, via ocean, land or air, we are able to draw on the abilities of personnel who know the players and are fluent in over a dozen languages.

We can also serve as your US-based partner, providing services that benefit both you and your North American customer.

Outsourced Transportation Management - Logistics Plus can help you manage your whole domestic transportation process by coordinating with purchasing, production, customer service and vendors to maintain the seamless supply chain management that you expect and deserve.

Logistics Plus International (LPI) provides freight logistics services for companies worldwide. Because LPI operates on-site at a number of international offices and because of our worldwide partnerships, we are able to provide true global logistics services.

Some of the services that LPI can provide include:

- Lower freight rates
- Import and export services
- Door-to-door routings
- Third-country routings
- LCL consolidations
- Net landed-cost analysis
- Warehousing and inventory management
- Freight bill audit and payment
- Same day pickup, packaging, and direct ship
- Small package service and support
- Letter of credit negotiation
- Freight claim assistance
- Bill-backs for supplier errors

For more information, please visit our website:
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