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Life Resist Ltd is an international elite specialised security organisation dedicated to supplying high-end security services to a diverse community of individuals and businesses. Life Resist is an organisation of highly qualified and experienced security professionals from around the world. The chain is our
symbol, a chain being no stronger than its weakest link. Like a chain, Life Resist is committed to preserving each of its links by never leaving anything at random.

Our mission

Life Resist's mission is to provide services to the threat management sector, enhancing safety and the protection of individuals and businesses worldwide. Our security services include: close protection, site security, convoy security, airport/airplane security, anti-kidnapping, anti-industrial espionage, security equipment and consulting/installation.

Why choose us?

Life Resist unites true professionals with proven ability and real-life experience in war (in Afghanistan, Chechnya), in regional conflicts in Russia (Karabachos, Azerbaijan, Abkhazia), in Africa (Congo, Côte d’Ivoire), in Europe (Bosnia, Kosovo) as well as conflicts with criminal organisations and mafias. Every professional is an expert in special forces and/or intelligence. These include the French Foreign Legion, the SAS (UK), anti-terrorist groups (Russia) and French special forces. Life Resist has gathered together the best in the security industry to serve a good cause.

We keep all information concerning our activity highly confidential. We never reveal the identity of our clients or the nature of our missions. The majority of our clients are business executives and politicians.

Airport/airplane security service

Life Resist safeguards the security of airplanes, in and around airports. Specialist teams consist of experts performing various functions such as:

- Passport control
- Custom control
- Luggage and goods verification
- Airplane verification
- Inside security
- Outside security

Life Resist utilises its own techniques when conducting airplane and airport security. Years of experience have proven the effectiveness of these techniques. Life Resist is skilled in security control for private and public planes. Our professionals have worked in close collaboration with airline security services including the likes of EL AL and IranAir. Our responsibilities have consisted of assuring the security of airports and surrounding areas during visits of heads of state, including the US and Russia.

Life Resist's mission for Iraq

Life Resist security experts are prepared to assist your business in Iraq. Our professionals are familiar with working in hostile zones and have true experience in war (Afghanistan, Chechnya), in regional conflicts in Russia (Karabachos, Azerbaijan, Abkhazia), in Africa (Congo, Côte d’Ivoire), in Europe (Bosnia, Kosovo) as well as in conflicts against terrorist organisations. These professionals all come from special force and intelligence backgrounds and provide a range of security services.

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