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Land Rover    

Offering military vehicles with proven ability, a multiple role capability and a heritage covering more than 55 years, Land Rover draws upon long-standing and wide-ranging experience in the light 4x4 defence vehicles market sector. The company provides armed forces around the globe with vehicles designed to meet a wide range of defence and peacekeeping roles.

The standard military vehicle line-up within Land Rover's range is based on the Defender heavy-duty 4x4 platform. In addition, the Company manufactures the Freelander, a compact SUV; the Discovery, the third iteration of which was launched to worldwide acclaim and the Range Rover; the ultimate luxurious combination of off-road performance and on-road refinement. A fifth model, the Range Rover Sport, has recently been launched which combines 4x4 ability with driver performance.

Constant evolution

The first Land Rover vehicle rolled off the production line in 1948. From the same factory in Solihull, in the West Midlands of the United Kingdom, the factory now produces over 190,000 4x4 vehicles each year

The original Land Rover was developed to meet a military specification in the late 1940s and has undergone constant evolution and development ever since. All the individual components that go together to make the vehicle have been improved, developed and replaced, as technology, materials and customer requirements have advanced.

Today’s Defender is a tough, flexible, multi-platform vehicle offered in three wheelbase lengths (90, 110 and 130) and in a variety of body styles - Pick Up, Hard Top, Station Wagon and Double Cab. The combination of a robust steel chassis and a light but strong aluminium body provides high payload capability with low centre of gravity.

Defender's design and construction makes it suitable for adaptation to specialist applications including ballistic protection, weapons platforms, ambulances, command vehicles and vehicles equipped for marine wading and cold climate operations.

The Defender range of base vehicles has proven reliability with a high level of spare parts commonality between derivatives. The vehicles can be maintained by Land Rover’s global dealer network in more than 100 countries, benefiting from the company’s worldwide spare-parts service.

Rapid response

Land Rover military vehicles have been developed with the modern army in mind and the need to meet new and emerging threats. One such need is the Rapid Response capability. All Defender military vehicles have the right external dimensions, a high payload-to-weight ratio and feature special fixings and strip-to-waist capability to meet a wide range of airportability requirements. Both the 90 and 110 have been tested by JATE and proven in service for air drop on a medium-stress platform.

In recent years, Land Rover has worked with strategic partners on developing specialist variants to satisfy a growing need for rapid response capability. The latest product is the Rapid Deployment Vehicle (RDV) featuring a roll cage, ring mount and munitions stowage, which can be fitted to a standard heavy-duty Defender 110 General Service vehicle. This makes an immensely flexible and capable weapons platform for a wide range of tactical applications. One key benefit of the RDV "kit" is that it can be installed or removed from the base vehicle within a couple of hours.

Ballistic Protection

Land Rover is also able to offer Defender-based vehicles with ballistic protection up to B6 level.

The Armoured Personnel Carrier (APC) is designed to meet a number of military and security roles, transporting up to eight troops through high-risk areas, both on and off road, and can be fitted with gun ports and a machine gun hatch.

The Discreetly Armoured Station Wagon provides the ideal solution for VIP's, military personnel, peace-keeping staff and aid agency personnel. With over 90% mechanical parts commonalty with the standard Defender, straightforward and low-cost maintenance is ensured.

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