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Kodak’s Health Imaging Group is a business unit of Eastman Kodak Company, established in 1881, with headquarters in Rochester, New York, US.

Kodak’s Health Imaging Group (HI) is a world leader in developing, manufacturing and marketing intelligent imaging products from analog to digital. Its portfolio includes computed radiography and digital radiography systems, laser imagers, picture archiving and communications systems (PACS), radiology information systems, traditional mammography and x-ray film systems, dental imaging and services. The group, with annual revenues of $2.27 billion, has served the global healthcare community for more than 100 years.

The Health Imaging Group and Kodak’s other major businesses - the Photography Group, the Commercial Imaging Group, the Display Business and the Components Business - together are leading participants in infoimaging, a $385 billion industry created by the convergence of image-and-information technology.

Hi products and services

Image capture

Kodak is the market leader in general radiology and in mammography, thanks in large part to the high image quality of its products. In particular, it has developed a dedicated product line for traditional mammography (from screen-film systems to a series of film processors) to ensure top quality images - key to the early diagnosis and prevention of abnormalities, including breast cancer. Additionally, Kodak is committed to digital mammography and has begun putting elements in place in this regard. The CAD technology recently acquired from MiraMedica, Inc. is a good example.

Kodak’s Health Imaging Group was the first to patent the innovative technology at the base of CR (computed radiography). It enables some of the advantages of digital radiography without the need to completely replace medical equipment already available in radiology departments. Indeed, CR technology, using traditional x-ray generating equipment, produces digital output that can be viewed in a matter of minutes, increasing the productivity of radiology departments and their ability to care for patients.

DR (digital radiography) enables images to be acquired directly in digital mode. Images can be captured and processed virtually instantaneously, increasing productivity and ultimately patient care significantly. Kodak’s DR systems use 'direct' amorphous selenium as detector - while the majority of DR systems use indirect detectors (which convert the incident radiation first to light and then to a digital signal). The Kodak DR amorphous selenium detectors convert radiation directly into a digital signal. Since the conversion to the light stage has been removed, there is no loss of information and better image quality is therefore ensured.


Kodak DRYVIEW™ technology was the first dry laser print technology to be offered in the market. In terms of overall sales, it surpasses all other dry systems and provides images with excellent readability, a fundamental characteristic for ensuring excellence in diagnosis. With this technology, radiology departments can print images - from a range of modalities including MIR, CT, DR, CR, etc. - for a duration of more than 100 years. In addition to improving the output quality, the DRYVIEW™ system protects the environment as it has eliminated chemical effluents from printing. Kodak has sold more than 20.000 Kodak DRYVIEW™ in the world.

Image archiving and management

The Kodak DIRECTVIEW PACS System 5 allows rapid and efficient access, distribution and archiving of diagnostic images and information. Moreover, Kodak’s Health Imaging Group recently launched a secure email service, a new service allowing for the encrypting of information sent via the web (both messages and attachments) for patient data protection reasons, as required by the European legislation.

Professional and equipment service

Kodak Services Organisation - an international entity with 1,700 highly qualified technical experts operating on all five continents - is at the service of Kodak customers. The Kodak Professional Services team provides modular, upgradeable and integrated turnkey solutions. In addition, thanks to its latest support and technical assistance infrastructures, Kodak can diagnose equipment breakdowns and remedy them at the proper time at the customer's site.

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