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JorWeb International    

JorWeb International is a computer software-hardware company established in Amman year 2000, to accommodate the accelerated and growing IT market in Jordan.

JorWeb International has succeeded in the past couple of years to defeat the challenges of this market through the projects that it had received not only in Jordan where it has expanded it’s scope to reach Europe, the Gulf and Canada as well.

Our projects

Our projects were mainly involved in database management & applications, Internet tools, bar codes solutions and digital design.

JorWeb International has some remarkable services that will meet your needs:

1) Design: Our designing team is very professional, that can design your Website in a very attractive way using the highest technology around.
2) Programming: We have the ability to program for you the software that you need in order to make your work easier and maximise your profit.
3) Domain Name Registration: We can register your domain name in a very short time (
4) Web hosting: Your website will be hosted on our international servers which are considered the fastest servers in the world.
5) Networking: We can be your consultant and contractor to build your local area network (LAN).
6) Technical support: Our technical support desk will be there 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to handle any problem that you might face.
7) Hardware: Keeping you Updated with the latest computer hardware technology.

Areas of expertise

- Workstation and servers building
- RF (radio frequency) handheld devices
- Windows application programming
- Windows GUI design
- Set-up programs for Windows applications
- Database programming
- Java programming
- Network programming
- Web development, design and promotion
- Web server applications
- Web database applications
- E-Commerce

Our clients

Many of our clients have a well-known name in the marketplace. Of course, we respect this preference of our clients. Below you may find a short list of some of our clients:

- Abu Group - Belgium
- OK Kids Store - Canada
- Nissan Cars Agency - Amman
- Smith & Wesson, Regional Office - Amman
- Isar1 Regional Office – Amman, Germany
- Dishdashah Factory, Saudi Arabia
- Xplorejordan (Event planners and business renovators) - Amman
- Karizma (Marketing and communication) - Amman
- Technical Arab Company For Medical Equipments - Amman
- Hijaz Est. for Medical Equipment - Amman
- Basha Tours – Amman
- Omrania & Associates – Amman

For more information, please visit our website:
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