Janusian Security Risk Management

Janusian Security Risk Management is a subsidiary of The Risk Advisory Group, one of Europe's leading providers of business intelligence, corporate investigations and risk management. Janusian adds a complete corporate security consultancy to complement The Risk Advisory Group's established areas of expertise.

The Janusian team has both the knowledge and experience to deliver genuinely creative security project management. Our approach builds upon four key qualities:

- Our understanding of the business environment in which our clients operate
- Our comprehensive insight into the threats our clients face
- Our wide knowledge of the complex political conditions encountered by our clients
- Our total integrity, independence and sensitivity to our clients' concerns

Most importantly, we provide complete solutions that are proportionate to our clients' needs and the threats they face.

We have a unique relationship with the Centre for the Study of Terrorism and Political Violence at the University of St Andrews, the institution at the forefront of academic research in terrorism and low intensity conflict. Our relationship allows us access to St Andrews' internationally renowned research team, which underpins the research-based focus of our work.

Janusian solutions

Mitigating the security risks to staff, their families, company assets and operations means adopting considered, flexible measures that adapt to changing threats.

We offer solutions that allow our clients to operate in even the highest risk environments supported by a security team that is totally focused upon their needs. We provide services to identify threats and weaknesses in existing security infrastructure, preparation and protection to face future threats and resolution of crises as they occur:

Vulnerability identification

Security intelligence-gathering:
Utilising open and human sources, Janusian helps clients to acquire timely and accurate intelligence for discrete projects or continuously in support of wider operations.

Threat assessment and security risk analysis:
Janusian specialises in placing intelligence in context and providing analysis of often complex risks. Threat assessments form the foundation for subsequent decisions concerning the implementation of security measures, identifying the range of threats faced by a client. Risk analysis offers projections of future risks, based upon a variety of methodologies, including multi-variant quantitative analyses and qualitative scenario-building.

Security survey and audit:
Our survey and audit processes are rigorous and wide-ranging, including inspections of premises and staff activity, desktop studies of documentation and covert testing of existing security measures.

Preparation and Protection

Specialist security services:
We draw upon the full scope of security disciplines in delivering security solutions that best suit our clients: close protection, surveillance and counter-surveillance, electronic enhancements, security project management and other professional security consultancy tasks.

Security training:
Janusian assists clients in delivering bespoke training solutions to enhance staff security awareness and develop the skills of crisis management teams.

Contingency planning:
Janusian works with clients to develop plans and procedures to prepare for security incidents and crises. In support of the contingency planning process, we can offer independent advice on, and in some cases preferential access to, insurance and support services.


High risk operations:
Janusian is able to deploy professional security personnel into hostile environments to undertake a range of tasks: emergency extractions, asset recoveries, client project development and crisis management.

Security crisis management:
In addition to providing active assistance at the point of a crisis, Janusian offers support to corporate crisis management teams, advising upon intelligence matters, scenario development, feasibility plans and response options.

Above all, Janusian provides expert security management tailored to the specific requirements of each client, reflecting the size and nature of their business, their operating environment, their tolerance for risk and their existing management structures. Janusian emphasises low-profile, intelligent solutions to security problems, allowing clients the freedom to concentrate on their business without disruption.

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