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Iveco, a company in the Fiat Group, is one of the leading international manufacturers of commercial vehicles and diesel engines. IVECO is one of the few general manufacturers of commercial vehicles. The company's output covers the whole range of payloads, from the 2.8 tons Daily, to Eurotrakker off-road
vehicles with a gross combined weight (G.C.W.) of 85 tons.


1. Commercial vehicles
a1) Daily
Manufactured in over 110,000 units p.a., in Europe, Brazil and China

- Vans: Available in three wheelbases and three roof heights. G.V.W. from 3.5 to 6.5 tons.
- Chassis cab: Offered with single or twin-wheel rear axle, the Chassis Cab Daily has been designed and built to offer versatility and profitability in the most severe operating conditions.

b) Medium:
b1) Eurocargo
Manufactured in over 35,000 units p.a., in Europe and Argentina. G.V.W. from 6.5 to 18 ton.
Eurocargo succeeded in meeting the requirements of varied field of users such as:

- Municipal authorities and public utilities
- Solid urban waste collection
- Fire fighting services
- Road rescue
- Car transporters

b2) Zeta
Manufactured in over 5,000 units p.a. by IVECO participated company in Turkey, OTOYOL. A sturdy, reliable range of vehicles from 6.5 to 12 tons G.V.W., over 1,000 units of which have been sold to Iraq in the last 2 years.

c) Heavy: Eurotrakker - Eurotech - Stralis
Manufactured in over 30,000 units p.a. in Europe and Argentina.

- On-road Stralis: With the Stralis range, "Truck of the Year" 2003, the styling, aerodynamics, comfort of the work environment and advanced technology are combined to offer new standards of productivity.
- Off-road: Eurotrakker (Tractor trucks and chassis cabs): The innovations to the engine range are accompanied by a major improvement in terms of reliability and strength with significant reduction of running costs and high residual values. Heavy tractor trucks are also part of this range.

2) Buses:
2-A) Irisbus: Over 9,000 units p.a. buses, manufactured in Europe and China. Irisbus is one of the world leaders in the field of passenger transport. Irisbus offers a complete product range covering all types of requirements: tourist and long distance coaches, regular service and school buses, varied capacity urban and suburban transport.

2-B) Otoyol Midibus: Over 3,000 units p.a., manufactured by Iveco participated company in Turkey.
A range of city, intercity and tourism midi buses, from 23 to 29 seating passengers or 24 to 50 seating/standing passengers for city transport.

3) Fire fighting: The Eurofire Group covers the whole range of fire fighting vehicles, right through to individual special vehicles for special missions.

4) Spare parts: Iveco ensures the reliability and quality of each vehicle’s component, knowing that
they have undergone innumerable and rigid checks performed by experts in order to guarantee long distances covered with maximum serenity.

5) Automotive engines: Iveco, the second leading world manufacturer, manufactures about 460,000 Diesel engines every year in its plants in Europe and elsewhere in the world; power deliveries extend from 62 to 353 kw.

6) Iveco motors: Its purpose is to convert Iveco's diesel products and market them all over the
world. To guarantee the functionality and reliability of its products, Iveco Aifo performs complete conversion cycles, from design to testing, in its plant.

- Engines for agricultural applications
- Industrial applications
- Marine applications
- Power generation

Using advanced manufacturing techniques and information technology, basing production plans on customer specifications and offering a comprehensive range of pre-sales and after-sales advice, support and services, Iveco continues to put its customer commitment into practice in Europe and elsewhere in the world.

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