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Ivar Pro provides business consulting and management and develops the foreign trade activities for all companies in its administration. The export trade on the entire group represents over 25 per cent from a turnover which rises at approximately $25 million, the investments on the group reaching a yearly figure of around $2-3 million.

Our clients include:

Omnitec S.A.: Manufactures under PREMS trademark spare parts for Dacia/Renault cars, Renault license and different items for the Universal Tractor U 650. The company has a powerful technical and organisational capacity, high-qualified staff and its own network in 39 districts of Romania.

Metaloplast: Tractor and agriculture-machines wheels (rims), lorry and tractor seats, car seat belts, furniture for schools, houses, offices, any kind of special orders, cast-iron parts, plastic injected items, exhibition stands, household goods, domestic appliance and building houses (Canadian houses) ready to sell and install all what you will need is the land.

Forma: The main field of company's activity is the projection, manufacturing and distribution of over 65 models of agricultural machinery, spare parts for tractors, agricultural machinery and cars (over 300 types), different card an transmissions and free or molded forged parts, all the production capacities of the company being located on 46.000 m2 area.

FSR Manufacturing: Counter skins, reamers, paper drills, twist drills, diamond tools, universal whole cutters, milling cutters, thread cutting tools and many other products as long as you can provide us with a sample or drawing and you will get what you want. All the products are controlled and checked and the factory is one of the most modern and the biggest in Eastern Europe.

The company now is trying to expand the export especially to the Middle East region considering that distance is not far, prices are suitable, and Romanian products are demanded.

Ivar participates in all kind of exhibitions and fairs it could during 2004 and is registered in many activities in the Middle East for 2005. Iraq is one of our first priorities and our goal is to reach as many markets as we can with the best quality and prices, dealing with us guarantees for you: punctuality, honesty, quality, peace of mind, and off course profit.

Our products are qualified with different ISO certificates, and more important our clients feedback which Ivar tries as much as possible to keep them satisfied from all over 20 countries in the world.

For more information, please visit our website:
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